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Library Assistant Resume

This library assistant resume sample will guide you through the details that need to be added in a professional resume, which would make an overall positive impact on your employer. It would help you to refrain from including irrelevant information, which could potentially cause negative results for you. One has to make sure that the resume looks as persuasive as possible. It is all about winning the job interview and due to heavy competition, it becomes even more vital for one to write the resume with professional guidance.

There are different class levels for which a library assistant may be eligible for, depending upon his/her education and work experience. There are a total of 5 levels depending upon the applicant's education and amount of experience. A person needs to have completed his/her high school from a recognized institution in order to be eligible for applying for the role of a library assistant, whereas a bachelor's degree in library science can also be completed for better job prospects and opportunities.

A person should be able to identify, sort, and name different library materials according to the bar codes. The criticality and number of responsibilities increase as the level increases. One may need to portray or demonstrate skills such as supervision and managerial ability to be able to qualify for the higher levels. One must also bear in mind that they should have a clear idea about which specific field he/she wants to join in, as there are many different librarian profiles such as instruction librarians, system librarians, public service librarians, collections development librarians, etc. This will help to make the resume more targeted and reap better outcomes.

Roxanne P. Grossman
1856 Adamsville Road
Mission, TX 78572
Phone: 956-581-3534

Career Objective:

To work in a reputed library as a Library Assistant, helping the organization to efficiently maintain its work and pursue my love for reading at the same time.

Professional Summary:

A Library Assistant with 4 years of work experience and in-depth knowledge about bookkeeping. I also have excellent communication skills, good typing speed, and phenomenal technical knowledge.

Key Skills:

  • Excellent reading and comprehension skills
  • Up to date knowledge of the latest technologies used in modern libraries
  • Proficient in computer operations including MS Office 2013
  • Typing speed of 50wpm
  • Capable of maintaining and creating large information databases
  • Capable of performing complex librarian tasks
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Adept at providing important services and maintaining the records
  • Good at following up with the customers with the library materials

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Library Science: The Institute of Dallas, 8080 Park Ln., Dallas, TX (May, 2006 - May, 2009)
  • High School: Hanks Shelton School, 2149 Hickory St., Abilene, TX (April, 2006)

Professional Experience:

Library Assistant
ABC Public Library, 5424 W Highway 290 Ste. 105, Austin, TX
(May, 2010 till date)

  • Maintaining a database of more than 2 million books
  • Providing assistance relating to billing and accounts
  • Maintaining a ledger for the existing books and new additions made on a weekly basis
  • Providing technical support in case of any computer malfunction
  • Assisting the patrons to find specific books
  • Researching and taking feedback from the patrons for new books to be added to the library
  • Supervising the cleanliness in the library by delegating the tasks to the housekeeping team
  • Analyzing and getting the damaged books repaired
  • Contacting international publishers for the books sold internationally and making them available in the library

Library Assistant
PQZ Books Pvt. Ltd., 1314 S Polk St., Amarillo, TX
(June, 2009 to April, 2010)

  • Operating and maintaining the in-house PQZ Library database for books, magazines, audio books, instructional DVDs, etc.
  • Answering the queries of the patrons
  • Sending the damaged books for recovery
  • Replacing the books beyond recovery with the new ones
  • Coordinating tasks between the public service, research, and technical departments
  • Providing references to patrons relevant to their interests and study groups
  • Supervising the digitization process of books for online viewing and access
  • Liaising with the outsourced parties for buying international books
  • Supervising the housekeeping department to make sure that cleanliness is maintained throughout the library


  • "Best Assistant Librarian Award" - Awarded by the staff for good performance Completed the Bachelor's Degree in Library Science with an A grade


Daniel A. Roberts
PQZ Books Pvt. Ltd., 1314 S Polk St., Amarillo, TX
Phone: 402-388-2333

Richard D. Snyder
Senior Librarian
PQZ Books Pvt. Ltd., 1314 S Polk St., Amarillo, TX
Phone: 508-591-9028

The library assistant resume can contain some more details as per the specifications and requirements of the particular level the person is applying for. This library assistant resume example just provides you the basic structure of the resume; changes can be made accordingly. You can add a cover letter for library assistant resume to provide basic introduction of your resume. refer for more information on library technical assistant resume cover letter.

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