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Certified Pharmacy Technician Resume

Job Descriptions:

Besides processing of prescriptions, a certified pharmacist technician has to respond to the e-mails and phone calls from the customers and deal with the prescriptions that are received from other pharmacies. He/she has to clear the doubts regarding the prescriptions by contacting the concerned physicians and inform the customers about any delay in the process of prescriptions.

A certified pharmacist technician has to note down the scarcity of medicines and place orders for their supply and keep on reminding till the supply is made. He/she has to follow strictly the policies of the company and maintain confidentiality and security of the records of the patients. It is his/her duty to maintain a clean and safe atmosphere in pharmacy premises.

A certified pharmacist technician has to keep a database of the patients and their prescription orders and organise the medicines in alphabetical order for easy identification. A certified pharmacist technician has to guide the licensed pharmacists in preparing the medicines, labelling bottles and counting tablets and more. If he or she works in a hospital or a nursing home, the responsibilities are more such as reading the patients' medical records, preparing medicines, updating the charts of the patients and ensure that the medicines are stocked for the next 24 hours without fail. Moreover, the pharmacist technicians have to pack the different medicines prescribed separately and must write the accurate dosage on the packages.

Linda S
2843, Post Avenue
Phone: 218-961-5311

Job Objective:

I am looking forward to obtain a certified pharmacist technician in a well established organisation to utilise my skills and experience in a better way.

Skills Possessed:

  • I have a good experience in managing the operations and functions of a pharmacy by working in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • I am proficient in computer applications, especially with Microsoft Word and Office.
  • With vast experience, I have deep knowledge of brand names of drugs and their genetic equivalents.
  • I am also familiar with common medical terms, concepts, definitions, and procedures within the dispensing pharmacy.
  • I have enough knowledge to read the physicians' prescriptions and interpret them accurately.
  • I have the sense to preserve the confidentiality of the patients' protected health information.

Professional Experience:

I am presently working as a certified pharmacist technician in Get-well Pharmacy in Layton, UT from January, 2006 to till date and I have performed the following duties.

  • I am responsible for maintaining the hygienic conditions of the pharmacy premises by following the rules and regulations laid down.
  • I have always helped the health care providers and customers by answering to their queries and clearing their doubts and operational questions.
  • I am responsible for strictly following infection control procedures and thereby protecting the patients and employees from infecting many diseases.
  • I am maintaining the health records of the patients including the copies of the prescriptions for future references.
  • I keep a watch on the stock of the life saving and other medicines and order for new supplies as and when found necessary and I never allow the stock of all medicines to vanish or reduce.
  • I keep the medical records and charts in perfect conditions with latest entries about the patients' illness, test results, etc.

In addition to the above employment, I had worked as a certified pharmacist technician in a reputed and well-knitted pharmacy in Pascoag, RI from the year 2002 to November, 2005 and my duties were as follows.

  • Even though the medical records are maintained, I used to review the records for completeness, accuracy and compliance with rules and regulations.
  • I was in charge of reminding the regular patients as well as children about the date of annual medical check-ups by contacting them over phone.
  • I had attended to the emergency response to 911 calls. These calls include about accidents, fire, domestic violence, explosions and sudden illness.
  • I am trained in giving first aid and provided first aid to the needy patients before admission.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from a University in New Hampshire.
I also have a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from a University in Nevada.


Will be furnished on request.

Pharmacist position is great and if you are aspiring for that job, you have to create a certified pharmacist technician resume and submit the same for the perusal of hiring manager of the organisation. The importance of certified pharmacist technician resume is that you are including the skills and experience in that resume that are directly related with the job, you are applying for. The employers will be pleased to see the skills required by them and send you an interview call.

The details of certified pharmacist technician resume should attract the attention of the employers and they should come to a conclusion that you are the suitable candidate for the position they are looking for, by judging the benefits you have contributed to your previous employers and believe that you would provide the same loyal service to them too.

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