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Theater Major Resume

Have you ever tried out writing a resume by referring the most effective tips and guidelines? Well, if no, try this theater major resume in writing a job application resume. It is assumed by most of the applicants that resume is the way to land the dream job. In fact, this is a very wrong concept. The first aim of any resume is to land a job interview. Getting a job interview is not that simple. It is necessary to possess a neatly and professionally prepared resume. This theater major resume shows in two pages the various sections and the content required for bringing any resume to perfection.

This theater major resume example will help you to recognize the advantages one can take up with a degree in theater major. A major in theater opens to a number of career opportunities like artists, playwright, theater educator, dramatist, drama therapist, arts management, and theatrical artists. A degree in theater major provides basic education and training to perform the duties covered in the art forms.

A drama therapist is a theatrical professional who coordinates with health care professionals to bring about emotional, social, and psychological behavior by using theatrical arts. The responsibilities of a drama therapist include extending support to patients by developing therapies to deal with emotional problems, providing helpline to patients in handling their problems by storytelling, role-play, and drama performance, assessing and providing therapeutic service to patients by using techniques and methods of theater and arts form. A drama therapist is employed in various settings like health care settings, old age homes, correctional institutions, and private nursing clinics. The aim of a drama therapist is to bring drastic improvement of patients emotional, mental, and physical conditions.

Sample Theater Major Resume

Carl Campbell
1200 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, Florida
Cell: 622- 589-0215

Career Goal:

Diverse knowledge of various forms of theatrical arts with excellent knowledge of therapy remedies. Looking a responsible position as a drama therapist to provide support to patients in developing emotional and physical strength

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the methods and techniques of theatrical arts and forms of drama
  • In-depth knowledge of role playing, therapeutic medium of arts, storytelling, and psychotherapy techniques
  • Hands on experience in applying therapeutic arts in handling patients with emotional, physical, and mental illness
  • Extensive knowledge of identifying and planning therapy programs for behavioral problems
  • Ability to coordinate with physicians and patients to perform treatment in a holistically manner
  • In-depth knowledge of drama, arts, and psychotherapeutic practices and principles
  • Strong communication, analytical, problem solving, and relationship building skills

Educational Summary:

Achieved Bachelor of Arts in theater
Arts & Drama College of Florida in the year 2008

Professional Experience:

Organization: Arts House, Florida
Designation: January 2010 till date
Designation: Drama Therapist

  • Responsible for planning appropriate treatment plans by motivating patients to involve in creative drama and expressive art forms
  • Handle the tasks of introducing role play and performances to develop new ways of thinking and improve behavioral patterns
  • Perform responsibilities of identifying and accessing patient's requirements by using various psychotherapeutic methods
  • Assigned the tasks of teaching expressive movement of arts forms to improve body movements
  • Responsible for providing effective guidelines and instructions in therapy sessions
  • Handle the tasks of preparing and maintaining confidential information's and case notes of patients
  • Perform responsibilities of assisting patient's in learning new skills by using various art forms

Organization: Erin Entertainment, Florida
Duration: July 2008 to December 2009
Designation: Junior Drama Therapist

  • Assigned the tasks of assisting physicians, psychologists and health therapists in implementing therapeutic medium and psychotherapy techniques
  • Performed responsibilities of maintaining statistical records and addressing drama processes in treatment plans
  • Handled the tasks of encouraging self-awareness of psychotherapeutic practices and develop appropriate art equipment
  • Responsible for writing reports of improvement areas as well as update appointment records to the physicians


Will be pleased to provide upon request

The goal of this theater major resume is to lead you to the real techniques of writing a professional resume. The style, outline, and flow of information give the reflection of a complete and ideal resume. The sample begins with a strong career statement which continues with a clear objective statement. This sample will definitely help you to come out with a resume that is effective enough to get an interview. Feel free to review the complete theater major resume, and get ready to get a series of job interview. This resume is all to guide you in the most simplest and effective manner. Also pick the techniques to build a cover letter for this position referring our sample cover letter provided here.

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