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Education Major Resume

For any application of a job, all you need is to write a unique resume. Proper planning and learning is what goes in the making of a successful resume. If you are planning for a job application, refer the given education major resume to get that positive response. This resume sample has been developed to guide proper guidelines in generating a resume that results in a job interview. You can proceed with the sample to know more on the art and techniques of framing a unique and perfect resume.

Learning the techniques of writing a resume is very essential in today's competitive job market. Employer decides to go forward with the face to face interview, from the resume. Resume, therefore, should be effective enough, that it gets the desired result. The resume example provided in the page is the simplest and effective guideline towards effective resume writing.

Choosing a career with a major in any subject is not always easy. With ample of job opportunities available, one can choose the right career path that suits the skills and area of exposure. Remember, a major in any subject can help you to explore the endless career opportunities available in the particular field.

A major in education can undertake a career in teaching. With the awareness of the importance of quality education, it will not be wrong to say that a career in teaching is of high demand. Apart from the teaching profession, a bachelor's degree in education major, can have job opportunities as administrators and education directors.

Some of the career opportunities available for major in education include school librarian, early childhood educators, grant writer, principal aide, secondary school teacher, elementary school teacher, special education teacher, and day care administrator.

A career as an early childhood educator falls under education. Some of the responsibilities of an early childhood educator include planning and implementing child development programs, planning routine activities for children, monitoring child development, creating lesson plans, providing cognitive and emotional development activities for children, and planning for outdoor and indoor activities.

Sample Education Major Resume

Nancy Willy
16627 S Avalon Blvd Ste A, Carson, California
Cell: 128-289-0028

Career Summary:

Looking for a responsible position as an early childhood educator in a renowned organization

Professional Knowledge & Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Teaching
  • Comprehensive knowledge of child development aspects, day care nursery practices, and child developmental programs
  • Well versed in developing child learning programs and classroom environments
  • In-depth knowledge of Day Nurseries Act, child behavioral and cognitive development plans
  • Possess excellent communicational, organizational, management, and problem solving skills
  • Possess remarkable interpersonal, child activity development, and listening skills

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor Degree in Education (Major)
Emily College, California in the Year 2008

Work History:

Organization: Eric Education, California
Duration: 2010 till date
Designation: Early Childhood Educator

  • Responsible for planning child care programs and assessing child developmental level
  • Perform the tasks of developing activities to build and develop the social and interpersonal skills of children
  • Handle responsibilities of developing and implementing curriculum programs of early childhood to meet goals and objectives
  • Responsible for designing programs that meet the social, developmental, and emotional requirements of children
  • Assigned the tasks of improving arts skills by organizing play and music class
  • Perform responsibilities of addressing children emotional and social development as well as provide guidance to students in daily activities
  • Responsible for monitoring child development as well as prepare report card of child development status

Organization: Mind Education, California
Duration: 2008 to 2009
Designation: Junior Early Childhood Educator

  • Assigned the tasks of developing activities and programs to meet child developmental program objectives
  • Performed responsibilities of designing learning programs and organizing indoor and outdoor activities
  • Handled the tasks of monitoring kid's development stages and update the development status to parents
  • Responsible for maintaining child development records and provide effective learning activities
  • Performed responsibilities of planning activities to improve listening and comprehension skills of children
  • Responsible for designing special activities for children between 14 months and 7 years
  • Assigned the tasks of ensuring that the programs meet the children's physical and intellectual requirements

The information presented in the sample should be dynamic, and well-structured. The above education major resume example meets all the required parameters of building a professional resume. You can use this resume sample to tailor all the key skills and work experience to bring your resume in the lime light.

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