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Lab Technician Resume

A lab technician resume focuses on the candidate's ability to perform a wide range of laboratory tests and experiments, while expressing his interests and goals within the field of medicinal research and lab technology. Lab technicians work in a variety of facilities including clinics, medical institutes, commercial laboratories or in the pharmaceuticals sector. A resume in general should exhibit the quality of a marketing tool, comprising of information that are specifically directed at the specifications of the job position that you are applying for. It not only zooms in on the elements shaping your professional background, but also showcases your skills and qualities. As a potential job seeker, you must remember to contact the employer prior to writing the resume, or at least visit the company website, and get to know and understand their vision. This is a crucial practice, for it will give you an idea of their expectations, and you will then be able to organize the information with ease.

Start with an effective career objective, immediately following your contact details, bringing together two or more pieces of information pertaining to your professional interests into one complete objective. Know that the objective can also act as an official title to your resume - refer to the one that is shown below in the lab technician resume sample. Observe carefully the formation of sentence here. You need to compose an objective that is free from 'I', 'my', or 'me'. The reason behind avoiding these pronouns is to keep the resume employer-centered. Going down to the next section, the profile summary comprises of 6-8 points, bulleted and brief, explaining your role as a lab technician in your previous employments. Here, you need to smartly bring together a set of information and present it with efficacy, so as to reflect a highly desirable profile. Study the summary in the example below, and you'll get a clear idea for sentence construction and the arrangement of information. Before you set to write this section, make sure that you leave out all the general or commonplace facts and details. This will help keep your resume highly specific to the job you are seeking, preferably reduce it to a page's length.

Similarly, include a Key Skills section to promote your professional qualities and fundamental skill sets. Be specific here, and avoid repetition of information. Note that every sentence in your resume should be unique. No two point should denote the same expression. Include about 5-6 points in this section, and try to club together two or three points into one bulleted point, as shown in the sample resume below. Also, you'll notice that the previous job descriptions are missing in the employment history section. It's because there's no need to include further details of your past experience, as you have already summed up your professional background into an executive summary.

See below for a free sample of a lab technician resume. Observe carefully and understand the arrangement of information. Browse the website to come across more resume templates and cover letter samples.

Kevin C. Lee
4367 Wayside Lane
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 260-7415


Lab Technician with 4 years of experience in performing a range of laboratory tests and complex analytical procedures, seeks an opportunity to further utilize the best of skills and knowledge, to facilitate biological and biochemical research, aiding the development of medicine as a whole.

Profile Summary:

  • Carried out testing, sampling, and analysis in the sector of biology and life sciences, prepared test reports for internal reference
  • Conducted lab tests on bacteria, parasites, and other microorganisms to study their behavior and determine suitable conditions for their growth
  • Prepared blood, urine, and tissue specimens for the determination and analysis of health conditions of patients
  • Assisted in the diagnosis of communicable and non-communicable diseases, prepared appropriate health reports for patients
  • Conducted various tests to determine the chemical content in fluids such as sputum, milk, industrial waste etc
  • Participated in various laboratory support activities, facilitating medical and clinical research programs
  • Responsible for the procurement, operation, and maintenance of scientific instruments such as spectrophotometers, flame photometers, refractometers, chromatography apparatuses, pH meters, autoclaves, microprocessors etc
  • Prepared and maintained analytical records of tests on specimens, for possible involvement in court action

Key Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of fundamental lab methods and practices, familiar with essential medical standards and regulations
  • Proficient in the preparation of chemical reagents using established formulae, and considering quantitative and qualitative standards
  • Expert in the preparation of slides, performed blood counts, and conducted urinalyses to determine sugar and albumin levels
  • Experienced in conducting germination tests on agricultural soil, vegetables, seeds, flowers, and grass
  • Proficient in dissection of insects and animals for scientific research and diagnosis
  • Updated with essential knowledge of new and emerging technologies

Employment History:

2010 - present
MediNova Labs - Oakland, CA
Lab Technician

2008 - 2010
Quest Diagnostics - Oakland, CA
Lab Assistant


Associate degree in Medical Technology2007
Institute of Medical Education - Oakland, CA
Placed in grade A

Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry2005
Andrew University - Albany, CA
Placed in grade B


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