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Health Services Coordinator Resume

A health services coordinator resume highlights the candidate's expertise in the provision of a range of therapeutic health care services, coordinating health screening, counseling, and conducting educational programs. It not only highlights your professional background, puts forth your interests and goals as an experienced health care professional. While it plays the role of an essential marketing tool, it should only comprise of information that are closely relevant to the specifications of the job that you are seeking. And to know what to promote, you, as a potential candidate eligible for the position, must contact the employer to discuss their requirements in detail, which will give you a clear idea as to what you need to include and how. Often we see applications getting rejected, although the applicants have crafted their resume considering the standards. This is due to lack of personalization. A job application, in general, is a personal communication between you and your employer, and hence, it must be customized to the optimum, so that its layout facilitates adequate enhancement of your profile.

It starts with a career objective that clearly states your professional goals, with respect to the employer's needs. Comprising of one or two sentences, the objective should be a congregation of several important pieces of information, denoting your aspirations, as well as acting as a formal title to your resume. Refer to the objective in the health services coordinator resume given below, and study the sentence construction of its objective. Grasp the essence of customization and strive to achieve that in your application. It is indeed a fact that recruiters don't even spend a minute to read and review your resume. Therefore, it needs to be short and simple, yet highly informative. In ideal cases, the length of the resume does not exceed a page's length. This can certainly be achieved if you choose to leave out all general or mundane facts, including only those details that possess best relevance to your scenario. This, you can do by including a profile summary, instead of the previous job descriptions, which allows you to exclude the information that are no longer relevant.

Take tips as to how to frame the section, from the sample resume shown below. Include about 6-8 points, mentioning only the facts that act as an evident connection between your expertise and the employer's requirements. Keep the rest of the resume, as shown in the example. You may also include your accomplishments, following your educational details. If you have more information specific to a particular employment or educational program, then you may include a couple of them, next to the details of your previous employments.

Given below is a free sample of a health services coordinator resume. Observe its layout, and study the contents carefully to understand the tone of delivery and the arrangement of information.

Christine K. Sheffield
4636 Green Acres Road
Rocky Mount, NC 27801
(252) 500-5339


Health Services Coordinator and a registered nurse, with over 6 years of experience in the field of health care and nutrition, seeks an opportunity to identify the students' health needs and develop individual health care plans, in compliance with the established laws and inputs from patents, physicians, or guardians.

Profile Summary:

  • Developed emergency care procedures and ensured the communication of health specifications and safety regulations throughout the academic facility
  • Monitored the health of the students, providing appropriate health care for injured students and those with chronic illnesses such as allergies, seizures, asthma, mental disability, diabetes, heart diseases, etc
  • Supervised institute nurses, administered first aid and specialized treatment procedures, analyzed the effectiveness of health programs, and made suitable changes whenever needed
  • Maintained health records of students, collaborated with health care providers to secure students health services
  • Conduct counseling sessions for students and their families on health, nutrition, and lifestyle
  • Managed the procurement of medical supplies, ensuring safe and proper disposal of used materials
  • Responded to emergencies and medical situations, reporting suspected substance and physical abuse and highly contagious diseases to corresponding agencies

Key Skills:

  • Proficient in the preparation and interpretation of graphical/statistical data
  • Experienced in proper handling of hazardous wastes and materials
  • Familiar with the function and operation of equipment within a clinical setting
  • Knowledge of essential safety regulations and practices
  • Thorough knowledge of the stages of child development
  • Experienced in pediatric and family nursing and counseling
  • Sound understanding of community health concepts and pertinent codes

Work History:

2009 - present
Nash Community College - Rocky Mount, NC
Health Services Coordinator

2006 - 2009
Community Health Center - Sunset Park, NC
Pediatric Nurse


MS in Nursing2006
East Carolina School of Medicine - Greenville, NC
Placed in grade A

BS in Catering Sciences2002
Barton College, Wilson, NC
Placed in grade B


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