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Paralegal (Real Estate Law) Resume

Candidates looking for paralegal resume for real estate in particular, can refer to the sample resume provided on this page. It highlights the key job responsibilities, which a candidate needs to deliver while at work, and the necessary skill-sets, required to do so effectively. Candidates may also go through the job description provided by the employers, for finding the desired skills in the ideal candidate, and then selectively target them in his/her resume.

We have provided diverse collection of sample paralegal resumes on this website, such as state department paralegal resume, civil law, corporate law, etc., to help candidates identify specific skills required for each kind of job in paralegal category. However, there may be job openings which may not require specific paralegal profiles, in which case general profile would be required to be presented. Thus, to present the desired professional profile, candidates must draft their paralegal resume carefully, and give due attention to all sections individually. Sections such as resume objective, academic qualifications, work experience, professional accomplishments and memberships, require extra attention, considering their impact on profile portrayed.

We would also recommend that candidates adhere to a uniform pattern throughout the resume, and incorporate their individual ideas within professional limits. A chronological order for sharing credentials, with recent credentials being mentioned first, would be helpful in retaining information flow and employers' attention.

This calls for candidates to refer to the job description thoroughly, and identify job specific requirements, as expected by employers. If you go through the real estate paralegal resume sample provided below, it would give you precise idea of drafting a resume, and sharing details under specific sections. Even the different ways to highlight the credentials, as illustrated in the resume sample, would be helpful in making the resume striking and effective.

Sample Paralegal (Real Estate) Resume
(An experienced candidate with real estate specialization)

Sue S. Sewell
2682 Walt Nuzum Farm Road
New York - 14591
Tel: (585) 495 4689

Career Goal

Looking for a Paralegal Assistant job profile in real estate law field, where my experience, knowledge and administrative skills could be challenged and brought to effective use, to help deliver job responsibilities satisfactorily and achieve personal development.

Career Synopsis

An experienced legal assistant with 5 years of experience in office and client relationship management, I have worked for law firms, attorneys and individual lawyers, and handled diverse responsibilities. With skill-sets imbibed by experience working knowledge of legal department operations, I have assisted lawyers in legal documentation, case investigation and research, client management, and other related professional tasks. Core competencies include:

  • In-depth knowledge of real estate law (civil and corporate)
  • Expertise over legal documentation
  • Knowledge of title transfer and bankruptcy
  • Research and reporting skills
  • Effective liaison between clients and firm
  • Written and oral communication skills

Professional Experience

Legal Assistant (Real Estate) (December, 2009 - present)
Orange Paper Placers Inc., 211 N George St., Rome, NY

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for handling entire administrative tasks
  • Maintain regular correspondence between attorneys or lawyers and clients for long duration trials
  • Assist in researching laws, and past judicial opinions or decisions
  • To organize and present researched information in a simplified manner for quick reference
  • Prepare various legal documents such as contracts, title transfer, claims, etc.
  • Assist lawyers in assimilating various records during trials in the court room
  • Handle all inquiry phone calls
  • To plan and schedule appointments, itineraries, etc.
  • Assist lawyers with activities such as sales agreements, business contracts, etc. as may be involved in real estate transactions
  • Perform duties as may be delegated by concerned lawyer
  • Manage complete file system, involving filing reports, tracking files, and making regular back ups

Subrogation Assistant (Volunteer service) (June, 2007 - December, 2009)
Memory Legal Service Corp., 645 Main St., Buffalo, N

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Maintain communication with clients for long duration trials
  • Perform preliminary research on the case, and accumulate facts and evidences to support during the trial
  • Carry out responsibilities as assigned by concerned lawyer
  • Prepare legal documents such as agreements, contracts, proposals, terms and conditions, as may be required for various real estate transactions
  • Manage appointments and schedules
  • Coordinate with third parties and external agencies for sharing crucial information
  • Keep client database updated
  • Monitor real estate transaction end to end, for identifying unethical or illegal practices
  • Coordinate for all legal formalities post sales closure
  • Research past records, decisions, trials for collecting facts and figures
  • Negotiate with clients for signing real estate deals, and finalizing terms and conditions
  • Maintain records of all trials, judicial opinions and decisions for future reference

Professional Expertise

  • In-depth knowledge of real estate law (civil and corporate)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of preparation of legal documents
  • Knowledge of title transfer and bankruptcy
  • Research, analytical and reporting skills
  • Effective liaison between clients and firm
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • File management system ability
  • Time management ability
  • Negotiation skills

Academic Qualifications

Certificate Course in Paralegal Studies (2006 - 2007)
Blanton Peale Law Institute, 3 W 29th St FL 5, New York, NY

BA (Bachelor of Arts) (2003 - 2006)
Ireland House New York University, 1 Washington Mews, New York, NY


Marilyn B. Patterson
(Attorney - real Estate)

Orange Paper Placers Inc.
211 N George St.
New York - 14472
Tel: (585) 207 7812

Signature: ####

Name: Sue S. SewellDate: April 23, 2012Place: Wyoming, NY

We hope that candidates find the real estate paralegal resume example helpful in presenting a promising and reliable candidature.

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