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Attorney (Environmental Law) Resume

Attorney (Environmental Law) resume sample, provided in this section, can be referred by candidates looking for job as an Attorney specializing in Environment laws and other regulations governing the same.

Being an Attorney, candidates are required to be subject expert, and have in-depth knowledge of various laws at state, national and international levels, so as to help the concerned organization successfully develop and execute the relevant policies. For specific details on various aspects of resume writing, applicants can refer to sample attorney resume given below. It highlights the necessary skill-sets desired in the ideal candidate, and the professional way of sharing them in the resume. A resume summarizes the experience and skill-sets of the candidate in such a way the desired attributes are highlighted, so that they can be easily identified by the employers. This optimizes the chances of being called for a personal interview round, and create a positive first impression.

Sample Environmental Law Attorney Resume

Ricky E. Utley
1150 Happy Hollow Road,
North Carolina - 28444
Tel:( 910) 532 6769

Career Objective:

In quest of challenging opportunity to work as an Attorney for environment laws with a reputed organization, and help it address various relevant issues with utmost precision and efficiency, to ensure efforts towards Green Planet are streamlined with government policies.

Career Synopsis:

A professional lawyer driven by passion towards environmental protection, I have worked with various environmental agencies, and helped them successfully drive their campaign for a green and healthier planet. With 10 years in the industry and skill-sets imbibed by experience, I have strategically planned and executed diverse policies, to help various organization adapt to new environment-policies, as revised by government from time to time.

Professional Experience:

Environmental Law Attorney
Nature Conservancy NGO, Ocean Acres Dr., Kill Devil Hills, NC
(2009 - present)

Duties and responsibilities

  • To represent firm in environmental litigations
  • Assist in developing business strategies for accomplishment of organizational goals
  • Interpret the government policies for management to frame organizational policies
  • Assist in developing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for organization activities to work and follow
  • Gather intelligence information from various sources
  • Train the volunteers and employees for evaluating the reports submitted by various organizations
  • Assist and guide investigating agencies for inspecting environment complaints
  • Analyze and review the existing environment policies against the developments and trends in the industry
  • To represent the company in various environment meets and summits
  • Coordinate with international, national and domestic environmental agencies for developing and executing awareness campaigns
  • Investigate issues related to national security
  • Counsel external agencies and clients for developing policies to abide by environmental laws

Environment Solicitor
Havel Rock Paints Pvt. Ltd., Biltmore Ave., Asheville, NC
(2006 - 2009)

Duties and responsibilities

  • To help organization interpret and implement the government and state environmental policies
  • Represent the company in various environmental meets
  • Defend the company in court, for various environment litigations
  • Train the employees for adhering to prescribed environmental policies
  • Review organizational policies for incorporating changes as described by governmental policies
  • Investigate cases of non adherence to prescribed policies for renewal and disposal of industrial wastes
  • Coordinate with external investigating agencies for sharing confidential information
  • Counsel concerned department employees for environmental policies compliance
  • Negotiate, identify and define compensation amounts for various environment claims
  • Train associate lawyers and other sub ordinates for researching environment cases, and developing defensive strategies

Environment Associate Lawyer
Havel Rock Paints Pvt. Ltd., Biltmore Ave., Asheville, NC
(2004 - 2006)

Duties and responsibilities

  • To study and analyze environmental litigations
  • Record all government policy revisions, and subsequent changes in the organizational policies
  • To collect and document proofs for defending the organization in court
  • Present employer's stand before the investigating agencies
  • Coordinate and share required information with the external agencies
  • Ensure implementation of guidelines of organizational policies, and their compliance
  • To prepare necessary legal documents
  • File all reports and update the system with the same

Professional Skills:

  • Adept at environmental laws, with extensive working experience
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Comprehensive exposure to filing litigations, regulatory works and counseling
  • Negotiation skills

Academic Qualifications:

Post Graduate Course in Environment Law
DeMont University, Esplanade Ct., Cary, NC
(2002 - 2004)

LLM (Masters in Law)
DeMont University, Esplanade Ct., Cary, NC
(2002 - 2004)

LLB (Bachelor in Law)
Carolina Law College, Clingman Rd., Ronda, NC
(1999 - 2002)


Pedro B. Mattern
American NC Bar Association
Main St.
NC - 28102
Tel: (336) 774 5004


I confirm that the details shared above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief, and can be supported with appropriate documents, if required.

Name: Ricky E. Utley
Signature: ####Date: April 03, 2012Place: Harrells, NC

In the above given environment law attorney resume example, candidates can also include their personal ideas for making the resume unique and personalized. More details, such as memberships, awards, accomplishments, etc., too can be included under suitable sub titles. We hope candidates find the sample attorney resume helpful and informative.

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