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Tax Inspector Resume

Tax inspector resume sample provided below explains the necessary skill-sets an ideal candidate must have, which are desired by the employers for selecting the candidate. A tax inspector is responsible for checking tax payments and ensuring that payments are made on time, and in accordance with the set rules and regulations.

Services of tax inspector can be required in both government departments and private sector companies for internal auditing. Thus, before applying for a tax inspector opening, it is always recommended that the candidates go through the job description, to identify the job profile and ensure that it is suiting to one's aptitude. The job description of tax inspector can also be used for identifying the necessary skills required in a candidate and to present a promising candidature. The sample tax inspector resume can also be referred by candidates for generic idea about the job profile, and knowledge of the duties and responsibilities associated with the job of a tax inspector. This would also help in preparing for expected questions in an interview, and in giving confident and prompt reply.

Candidates must always give due attention to the tax inspector resume, as it is the key to winning the interview call. A resume should be professional, attractive, formal and legible, so that it is able to grab employers' attention. Once the attention is caught, the details shared in the resume would be able to convince employers about a candidate's abilities, and incite them to call him/her for a personal round of interview. A resume accompanied with an equally professional tax inspector resume cover letter, stand higher chances of being reviewed by employers, considering the benefits associated with a resume cover letter. It is always recommended that a resume cover letter is drafted only after the resume is ready, so that skill-sets could be appropriately emphasized upon, and attention can be easily guided from the cover letter to the desired details shared in the resume.

Tax Inspector Resume Sample
(For a government/federal sector job)

Constance S. Smith
4151 Elsie Drive
South Dakota - 69343
Tel: (605) 288 1530

Career Goal

In quest of a challenging position with opportunities to learn and grow, where I can bring my knowledge and experience as a Tax Inspector to effective use, and help achieve the organizational goals.


An experienced and professional tax Inspector, with 6 years of experience working in government sector, I have helped in ensuring on time and accurate tax payments. Imbibed by experience, I have gained expertise in corporate tax payments and tax auditing, and developed necessary skills to deliver the job responsibilities satisfactorily.

Work experience

Assistant Tax Inspector
(2009 - present)
South Dakota Department of Taxation, Jennings Ave., Hot Springs, SD

Duties and responsibilities

  • To work in coordination with department of revenue intelligence, and monitor the tax payments records of corporate sector
  • Analyze the annual financial statements of companies and scrutinize them for tax payments and rebate, if any
  • Audit the financial statements of corporates
  • Provide relevant information to customers with queries
  • Giving advice to clients on matters related to tax payments and modes
  • Investigating tax fraud cases
  • Keeping record of all transactions
  • Organizing awareness drives across different sectors and communities for importance of tax payments
  • Generating necessary tax receipts for clients for tax payments made
Tax Collector
(2006 - 2009)
South Dakota Department of Taxation, Jennings Ave., Hot Springs, SD

Duties and responsibilities

  • Maintaining records of all transaction and tax payment received
  • Issuing tax receipts to clients on actualization of the tax payments
  • Updating online records
  • Writing daily tax collection reports for Tax Inspector to audit
  • Assisting Tax inspector in the investigation process
  • Managing and guiding clerical support staff in proper organization and filing of all manual records
  • Assisting customers with filing the tax payments
  • Providing necessary information to clients on tax legislation and its implementation
  • Provide necessary information to the department of revenue intelligence
  • Reviewing tax collection records and making necessary reports for tax Inspector to plan strategies
Professional skills

In depth knowledge of tax legislation
Auditing of financial statements
Knowledge of MS office
Awareness of corporate tax laws
Mathematical skills
Quick decision making

Personal Skills

Interpersonal skills
Communication skills
IT Skills
Leadership skills
Meticulous work approach


Shannon P. Steed
(Chief Tax Inspector)

South Dakota Department of Taxation
Jennings Ave.
Hot Springs
South Dakota - 69412
Tel: (605) 218 1047


I, Constance S. Smith, hereby confirm that all the details shared above are true, and can be supported with appropriate documents, if required.

Signature: ####
Date: March 20, 2012
Place: Gordon, SD

While referring to the above given tax inspector resume example, candidates can also include personal innovative ideas; but, the same should be included within the permissible professional standards.

We hope candidates find the sample tax inspector resume relevant and informative for drafting a job wining resume for tax inspector job application.

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