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Corp Finance Workout Officer Resume

A Corp Finance Workout Officer, also known as a Corporate/Commercial Finance Workout Officer or a Loan Workout Officer, is a person responsible for determining the loan requirements of a project/individual, studying the business proposals and suggesting various loan options, calculating the loans for the same, etc. In short, he/she is responsible for determining and calculating loans and helping clients get the required loan amount. These personnel work with business finance lending organization, banks, etc. Thus, the role of a Loan Workout Officer is to help determine the needs of the project/individual, determine an amount for the same, and help choose the right loan scheme. To learn more about this job profile, and apply for the same read the sample corp finance workout officer resume sample given below.

Corp Finance Workout Officer Resume / Loan Workout Officer Resume

Jim .K. Thomas
12th Kings Tower Street
Alexandria, VA 20010
Ph: 222 14503503

Career Objective:

Willing to work as a Finance Officer, wherein my role would not be limited to analyzing the loan needs and determining the loan amount, rather I would get to exercise complete control on finances of a project, right from the project plan study, feasibility study, and approval or disapproval of the loan. Looking for similar job profile, which will help me use my analytical and decision making skills as well.

Career Summary:

Have been a part of this industry for almost 5 years, and am currently working with Pillars Industrial Finances Ltd., as a Finance Workout Officer. I am well-acquainted with various determining factors of a project or business proposal, keep a thorough knowledge of the market, and am good at analyzing the project/proposal feasibility and loan requirements for the same. At times, also assist in decision-making pertaining to approval or disapproval of loans.

Summary of Skills:

  • Intuitive skills that help in projections
  • Analytical skills that help in analyzing the loan requirements, project feasibility, etc.
  • Good communication and coordination skills
  • Thorough knowledge of all the loan regulating procedures
  • Thorough knowledge of the market that help in determining the feasibility of projects to a great extent

Professional Experience:

Current Employer - Pillars Industrial Finances Ltd.
Designation: Finance Workout Officer - Commercial
(2009-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Study the loan applications submitted by the applicant
  • Study the business proposal of the applicant
  • Do a feasibility analysis, project the chances of success of the proposal by studying the market trend, etc., to help understand the substantiating value of the project
  • Study the project to determine the loan requirement and compare the same with the requirement put forth by the client/applicant
  • Suggest the applicant about different loan options and schemes available in the organization
  • Make a report and submit the same for further approval of the loan application
  • Communicate with the applicant in case of doubts, any further information requirement, etc.
  • Coordinate with the client for submitting the required documents on approval of the loan
  • Stay informed about the market to understand the credibility of the applicant

Previous Work Experience:

SS Bank
Designation: Loan Workout Officer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the loan applicants
  • Study the loan applications - commercial and personal loan applications
  • Study the credibility of the loan applicant
  • Determine the credit limit for the applicant, and thus determine the loan amount requirement
  • Help the client understand the discrepancy between the loan amount demanded and the loan amount requirement calculated by the bank
  • Send the loan application for approval after thorough discussion with the Bank manager


  • Pursuing MS in Finance, University of Alexandria
  • Bachelors of Commerce, University of Alexandria - 2006

Computer Skills:

  • Proficiency in Ms Windows, MS Office, and basic analysis and statistical tools

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Head of the cultural group during graduation


Willing to relocate to Richmond or Portsmouth


Available on request

Jim .K. Thomas

The sample corp finance workout officer resume given above, helps us understand about the job profile of the same. This is usually an entry-level job in banks or finance institutions. The roles and responsibilities section, gives a clear idea of the job profile, stating that this person is responsible for determining the loan amount, studying the loan application, etc., and helping the seniors decide on approval or disapproval of the loan. Using it as a reference, one can draft an effective resume for oneself, which not only portrays one as a candidate for the said job, but also succeeds in putting forth the best of one. Make your resume, and get started.

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