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Product Engineer Resume

A product engineer resume is written by an individual who has expertise in managing the production and ensuring product standards. He should be bale to manage the planning and production stages effectively and competently. Also, the important skills that are required of him are the capability to solve any production process or planning bottlenecks that may occur during the various stages of the planning and production stages.

Some of the points to keep in mind while writing such a technical resume are as follows:

  • Using bullet points - Be sure to use bullet points at all the apt places.
  • Use simple language - Simple language, with usage of technical terms though, needs to be used here. It is your job to make the resume as clear and easy to understand as possible
  • Proofread the resume - You definitely need to proofread the resume at least twice before you send it to the recruiter.

Following is a product engineer resume sample for your reference.

Product Engineer Resume Sample

Jack Blaze
41-Scott St.
Albany, CA 94706
(510) 232-0777

jack.blaze@example.comJanuary 9, 2012


To secure the position of a product engineer and competently carry out my duties in the technical as well as in administrative departments and help the company in further growth and development.


  • Six years of good experience in design and HVAC industry.
  • Worked with high profile companies like J.K.B Technologies and MindSoft Technologies.
  • Highly motivated and object driven individual with complete focus on growth and success.
  • Suitable educational qualifications, with a MBA and a technical engineer's degree.

Skill Set

  • Good at reviewing and inspecting the factory products in compliance with all the applicable quality standards.
  • Good at defining product strategy and developing road map for its success.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to work successfully with third parties and gaining opportunities for the betterment of product and services.
  • Expert at providing technical support for the products in manufacture planning stage.
  • Good communication skills in both written and verbal English.
  • Good at working with purchasing department and ensuring cost and quality.

Other Skills

  • Strong IT skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office, CAD, and Internet

Work Experience

J.K.B Technologies
Product Expert (2008-till present)

  • Overseeing planning and implementation of various product development stages.
  • Keeping all the departments in loop for briefings and strategizing of manufacturing plans.
  • Helping in resolving any technical/ design/ production problems pertaining to manufacture.
  • Preparing and soughting all the required documents like blueprints, product sketches and production plans for reporting to the management.
  • Responsible for providing back-end support to the repair and warrantydepartment.

MindSoft Technologies
Associate Product Engineer (2006-2008)

  • Carrying out regular inspections from time-to-time and making sure all the production processes are running and producing as per plan.
  • Making production and strategy report and handing it over to the manufacturing manager.
  • Ensuring smooth flow of fabrication and polish processes and ensuring that the work is up to the standards.
  • Carrying out any other duties designated to me by the Senior Product Engineer.
  • Sourcing in parts and spares from various suppliers.


  • Masters in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, 2005
  • Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, 2003.


Fill this section with any of your professional achievements or very important contributions to the industry. You can also mention about any awards won by you in the line of work.


Mentioning references will help you get the job.

This is how a product engineer resume is written, laden with all the technical skills and knowledge of the individual. The resume has to be information rich, like this sample, though, all the information needs to be relevant and to the point. An applicant should also clearly mention the places where he/ she has worked before, along with mentioning his post and work details respectively. Follow all the tips given in the introduction part of this resume. These are essential for writing a good and effective resume. Also, you need to keep the resume short, 1-2 pages at max. A longer resume has the chances of getting ignored (owing to its length and shortage of time with the reader) and tends to deviate from the main points.

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