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Plastics Engineer Resume

We see many products in our day-to-day life that are made of plastic. These products are manufactured using various machines, dies, tools, etc. The person responsible for designing, manufacturing and maintaining these machinery, dies and tools is known as a Plastic Engineer. The word plastic is used, because this person caters to the manufacturing products and processes involving only plastic as the basic raw material. Thus, a Plastic Engineer has a specific degree in engineering and possesses the required skills and qualities to work with this raw material.

Why is plastic engineering different from working on metal engineering?

Plastic is malleable and at the same is delicate as compared to metal. A metal when shaped, molded, beaten with hammer, etc., does not easily break, but plastic is breakable, and thus needs to be handled with care. Moreover, metals take a longer time to take the shape of the mold, to melt and to get back to its original form again. This time is comparatively very less for plastic. Thus, plastic engineering techniques differ from metal engineering to a great extent.

Sample Plastic Engineer Resume

Martha .J. Benjamin
Down Street, Lane 6
Alexandria, VA 200203
Ph: 555 42412050

Career Objective:

Looking for suitable job opportunities wherein I get to work independently and explore my potential and skills to the fullest. Wish to work in product engineering and development, and come with innovative techniques to make eco-friendly products.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 5 years in plastic engineering, currently am working as a Process Engineer with PLASTIX, Alexandria, VA.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with all the practices and concepts of plastic engineering
  • Self-motivated, comfortable working in teams, and good leadership skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good at using product simulation software
  • Willing to continuously learn and keep myself updated with the latest technologies in this field
  • A good mechanical aptitude with exceptionally good problem-solving skills
  • Complete knowledge of types of plastic, equipment used in manufacturing, and environmental regulations that determine the usage and production standards of plastic
  • A thorough study of importance towards recycling of waste/old materials to prevent the environment hazards
  • Good presentation skills, which help in communicating and explaining the clients about various products and processes
  • Good at problem solving
  • Excellent in studying and analyzing the dimensions and designs, and its effects on the ultimate output

Professional Details:

PLASTIX Ltd., Alexandria, VA
Designation: Sr. Plastic Engineer
(2009- till date)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the production processes
  • Simulate die and product designs using simulation software and present the same to the clients
  • Get the simulated designs approved from the client and finalize the die for the same
  • Work on the substantiation of the simulated die or mold and manufacture a few samples using the same
  • Get the samples approved by the quality control department and clients
  • Instruct the plant manager about the production schedule and requirements
  • Work in coordination with the production team to get the desired output
  • Work in coordination with the Quality control team to assure quality production in-process as well as for final output

SPM Plastic Engineering, Richmond, VA
Designation: Associate Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist in die and mold design simulation and development
  • To manufacture products conforming to the standard specifications given by the client
  • Purchase raw material and work on basic processing of the same
  • To explain the production output to the client by presenting the simulated models to the clients, showing them the samples of raw material to be used, etc.
  • To perform various production activities like die-setting, etc.
  • Report to the Senior Manager and update him of the daily work carried out at the plant

A2Z Plastic Engineering, Richmond, VA
Designation: Trainee

  • To work in the production department
  • Produce the given designs using various simulation software, molds, raw material, etc.
  • Reporting to the Process Head and following his instructions
  • Assisting in die design so as to understand the procedure of the same
  • Updating daily worksheets pertaining to the production plant activities

Computer Skills:

  • Proficiency in using different operating systems like Windows, MS Dos, Linux, etc.
  • Proficiency in using various product simulation software to help present simulated product models to the clients


  • Masters in Product Development Engineering, University of Alexandria, VA- May 2005
  • Bachelors of Plastic Engineering, University of Alexandria, VA- May 2003


Available on request

Martha .J. Benjamindd/mm/yyyy

The plastic engineer resume, thus helps an aspiring candidate to portray his interest, abilities, and skills in the field of plastic manufacturing and design. A dedicated engineering degree, required skills, and a mechanical aptitude, makes one a perfect choice for the said position. Draft a resume using the resume given above. Try to make it unique by adding and excluding information as per your skill set and abilities, and convince the employer that no one other than you can fit in this job requirement.

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