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Highway Design Engineer Resume

Employers have been scanning resumes to get a resume that is suitable for interview. The effort is not only for the employer, even the applicant searches for the right technique of writing a resume. A good resume is like a strong marketing tool. It creates a strong positive impact on the mind of the buyer. Same is applicable in resume writing. It is the best and the perfect resume that impresses the employer. This highway design engineer resume sample will act as a magnet that attracts the attention of the employer. It makes the applicant perfect and the right one that deserves a job interview. This sample will help to overcome the challenges faced in the writing process.

A highway design engineer is also known as a transportation design engineer. The job of a highway design engineer is to undertake projects related with the construction of roads and highways.

The day to day responsibilities of a highway design engineer include designing highways, preparing technical drawings, conducting construction site surveys, developing plans to avoid traffic congestion, investigating the new construction technologies, estimating the construction cost and resource, preparing detail project plans, planning techniques o improve the construction work, supervising and monitoring construction laborers, checking quality of work, preparing technical drawings, and many more. The job requires a bachelor's degree in civil engineering with sound knowledge of civil engineering concepts.

Sample Highway Design Engineer Resume

Dannis Mareli
Pine Main Lane, Atlanta, GA 30125
Cell: 404- 515-9410

Career Goal:

Hands on experience in the execution of transportation and highway construction projects including design and construction. Seeking a responsible position as a highway design engineer in a renowned organization.

Core Knowledge & Competencies:

  • More than three years of professional experience in undertaking highway design and engineering projects
  • Comprehensive knowledge of civil engineering practices and applicable standards
  • Extensive knowledge of preparing engineering drawings, blueprints, Microstation, and highway design specifications
  • Skilled in preparing design layouts, project estimation, Inroads designs, and preparing project plans
  • Diverse knowledge of construction materials, design specifications, and material analysis techniques
  • Ability to communicate proficiently with sound management and organizational skills
  • Skilled in working in a project team and has the ability to meet project deadlines

Summary of Work History:

Organization: Construction Group, Georgina
Duration: January 2011 till date
Designation: Highway Design Engineer

  • Responsible for playing an active role in the project team by undertaking projects for various highway constructions
  • Assigned the tasks of designing highway and roads under the guidance and leadership of the project lead
  • Handle the responsibilities of conducting field investigation, site survey, and study of the area prior construction
  • Responsible for preparing preliminary study reports and update the same to the senior engineers for review and approval
  • Performed the responsibilities of preparing detailed design plans and construction specifications of highway projects
  • Assigned the tasks of conducting initial assignments like drainage systems and horizontal geometrics
  • Handle the responsibilities of estimating cost and resource required for the project

Organization: Hay Inc, Georgina
Duration: May 2009 to December 2010
Designation: Junior Highway Design Engineer

  • Assigned the tasks of assisting the senior staff in roads and highway designing
  • Responsible for checking safety standards of the construction work under the guidelines of the staff
  • Handle the tasks preparing contractual obligations as well as prepare technical specifications of the construction project
  • Perform the responsibilities of undertaking complex highway projects by preparing plan production under the guidelines of the construction lead
  • Responsible for preparing technical reports plans specifications as per site surveys
  • Assigned the responsibilities of generating design standards by conducting research as well as prepared drawings and blueprints
  • Performed the tasks of checking construction materials and verifying the material billing

Educational Summary:

Achieved Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering
Engineering College of Georgina in the year 2009


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

Know the requirement of the employer before putting the information in your resume. This resume example will help in creating a resume that the employer looks forward to. It is all about teaching the techniques of writing a resume in the most deserving and appealing style. Applicants can only work on the content part. The outline can be applied for all types of job. After reviewing the sample, one will definitely master the art of preparing an effective resume that the employer looks forward to. This resume will make your approach a target oriented and wining one.

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