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Harness Design Engineer Resume

No matter what the field, there is always a great need to establish a resume to gain a job. And it should not be just about any other resume. In order to nab a prestigious position at a highly revered company, it is absolutely necessary to write a resume which is wonderfully structured, informative, detailed in an unambiguous way, and is aesthetically presented. A resume which fulfills all of these criteria is a true winner in every sense of the word and is sure to catch the attention of HR and recruitment personnel of every enterprise, no matter what its scale.

Here on this very page, we look at the job of a harness design engineer resume. We will look at the job duties required to be performed in this specialized job and the academic qualifications needed to fulfill it in addition to seeing a harness design engineer sample resume meant as a reference guide for aspirants aiming to get a hold of a harness design engineering position at a respected and renowned aircraft service organization. Let us first look at the job description of a harness design engineering job.

Job Description of a Harness Design Engineer

There are three main types of harness design engineering -

  • Engine Harness Design Engineering
  • Wire Harness Design Engineering
  • Cable Harness Design Engineering

Of these three, the latter two are similar to each other. There are some positions where the term "harness design engineering" may be more general and these three types of this particular kind of engineering blend with each other. For instance, an engine harness designer may be required to create wire and cable based designs which make up the engine, as per the needs of the company and its clientele.

Job Requirements of a Harness Design Engineer

A harness design engineer is basically supposed to design electric based harnesses in the form of cable or wire designs, usually using such engineering software such as Pro-Engineer. Once the conceptualization part of the engine design is over with and approved of by the higher ups, the harness design engineer is required to develop the already existing engine design and oversee the production of the engine harness from start to finish. In addition, a harness design engineer is also expected to document the entire development process of the engine harness he or she designed as well as troubleshoot the errors detected during the assembly line production of the engine harnesses.

Educational Requirements of a Harness Design Engineer

A harness design engineer is usually expected to have an associates degree in engineering technology with up to 5 years of professional experience or a bachelor's degree in E.T. along with a couple years of work experience for a good, high paying job at a reputed company.

Now that we have seen the job requirements and the educational qualifications needed for a harness design engineer job, let us take a look at a sample resume for a harness design engineering position. Please note that this sample resume should be used only as a reference guide otherwise if a candidate is caught plagiarizing copyrighted content word for word from an online source such as this site, he or she may be blackballed from joining a number of major corporations on the grounds of ethics.

Harness Design Engineer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Otis B. Dennis
Address: 4883 Hoffman Avenue, New York, NY, 10007
Telephone Number: 917 - 847 - 3302
Email ID:


To utilize my knack in designing wire and cable harness systems for aircrafts in the development of the most sophisticated and advanced aircraft engine models under the service of an enterprise of high repute.

Skills Possessed by the Candidate Which Are Relevant to the Job

  • Expert in designing cable and wire harness designs on Pro-Engineer
  • Have excellent clarity when it comes to wiring/ electrical schematics
  • Adept at 3D modeling
  • Comfortable with evaluating load calculations much before preparing the electrical schematics
  • Knowledgeable in evaluating and developing Auto CAD instruments

Professional Work Experience

Cable Harness Design Engineer, STAR Labs Agency, Bedford, TX

I served as a cable harness design engineer at STAR Labs Agency, Bedford, in the time period between July 15, 2009 to August 16, 2011.

My duty at STAR required me to design wire and cable schematics for aircrafts on Pro-E in addition to overseeing the development and production process of my conceived design, along the way diagnosing any last minute problems arising during the assembly line production and troubleshooting those problems to the best of my capabilities.

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, Batch of 2008

For references, contact on the number and email id given above

As you can see from the above sample harness design engineer resume, all you need to do is compile your skills and duties in the field in a systematic, impacting manner and you are all set to take on the recruiters!

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