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Electronics Engineer (Recent Grad) Resume

We use many electronic gadgets in our day-to-day life. When anything breaks down, we call in an electrician to repair the same. These electricians are only a part of the bigger subset of the electrical engineering field. The people responsible for making these complicated and innovative gadgets, which make our life simple are known as Electronic Engineers. These engineers work on developing new products, new innovative designs, etc., work on circuits, transmitters, etc., to make some energy efficient products. Basically, these engineers are responsible for creation, manufacturing and supervision of electrical devices, electrical systems, navigation systems, radar, electric motors used in vehicles, etc. This field can be categorized in two main sub-fields as follows-

  1. Electrical Power Generation/ Transmission
  2. Applied Electronics
The power generation stream ranges from huge conventional energy plants to nano technology batteries. The applied electronics aims at putting to use the power generated in electrical inventions like computers, aircrafts, etc. These two broad categories provide a range of specializations for the students. These specializations are as follows:

Design and Development:
The engineers can specialize in designing and development of new electronic devices, circuits, transmitters, etc. The engineers in this field, are responsible for converting the designs on papers into actual electronic devices.

These engineers are like scientist who continuously try to find new inventions, new uses of current inventions, new ways of improvising the same, etc.

Manufacturing Engineers are the one's who are responsible for manufacturing or substantiating the product designs, and preparing the final output.

Quality Testing:
The products before reaching the consumers need to be tested for safety. A set of engineers, which work on testing these electronics work in this field of quality and testing.

Thus, electronic engineering has a huge scope and has something for everyone. One has the freedom to choose from research, development, production, etc., and help make inventions that further make human life better.

Electronic Engineer(Recent Grad) Resume Sample

Leonard .C. Stellar
212 North Street
Portsmouth, VA 29874
Ph: 666 777 222

Career Objective:

Looking for suitable opportunity, wherein I can put to use all the theoretical concepts studied in the course curriculum, develop skills, learn practical methodologies of applying these concepts to make final outputs, etc. Willing to be a part of a work environment, wherein, responsibilities are not just dictated but handed over and provided with required mentoring from time to time to ensure desired outputs.

Career Summary:

Having completed my MS in Electronic Engineering recently, am looking for suitable opportunities. Have completed my internship program (duration 6 months) with ZEY Electronics.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good academic record
  • Good analytical and critical thinking
  • Thorough with all the concepts of electronic engineering
  • Fast learner and self-motivated
  • Good listening skills
  • Good team player, capable of setting targets for myself, and working towards achieving the same
  • Good managerial skills, which help me in efficient management of my work, time, etc.
  • Good technical bent of mind, which justifies my decision of being in this field
  • Passion for electronic gadgets and devices
  • Good at troubleshooting, and resorting to help only when needed the most


ZEY Electronic Ltd.,
Designation: Intern


  • Assist the Sr. Electronic Engineers
  • Work on product development by reading the product descriptions
  • Assembling product parts, transmitters, wiring, etc.
  • Assist in product testing and noting the pitfalls in production and development
  • Assist in troubleshooting, making product manuals, etc.
  • Suggest improvements if any


  • MS in Electronic Engineering, University of Portsmouth - 2011
  • Bachelors of Electronic Engineering, University of Portsmouth - 2009

Computer Skills:

  • Well-acquainted with all the design and development software used in electronic engineering

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Participated in various technical and cultural events


Willing to work anywhere throughout USA


Available on request


Leonard .C. Stellar

The sample electronic engineer resume given above is written with reference to a candidate, who has recently completed his engineering, and is looking for suitable job opportunities. The resume thus, is focusing on skills and internship, unlike professional experience, in case of someone who has professional experience. For the one's who have work experience, should mention the professional experience section soon after the 'summary of skills', such that the employer gets the most important information right at the beginning of the resume. Thus, there is a slight difference between a resume drafted for a fresh candidate and that of an experienced. Using the resume sample given above as a resume template, one can draft a resume for oneself within a few minutes, and make one's job application more effective.
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