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Database Engineer Resume

The requirement of drafting a professional and impressive database engineer resume is categorized by rise in demand for talented individuals, who can deliver the assigned responsibilities effectively, and contribute to organizational growth. With the rapid globalization of businesses and fast paced technological developments witnessed across all sectors, it has become important for companies to effectively manage their database, for strategic and security reasons.

This database can be of any kinds such as employee record, business partner details, financial records, market stats, etc. however, every department or individual may use the same data for different purposes. This calls for a specialist you can engineer techniques, develop tools and software, etc., so that required information is presented in a user friendly manner. The role of a Database Engineer comes in to play at this stage, and he is responsible for developing and managing these database administrative requirements.

If you observe the job responsibilities included in the below given sample database engineer resume, you will note that these may vary from organization to organization. Thus, whenever a candidate is drafting a resume for Database Engineer job application, it is recommended that s/he reviews the job description provided by the employers, and study the organization profile as well. Once you have identified core competencies desired by employers, which meet their requirements, the task of making your candidature relevant and inciting becomes fairly simple.

To chances of successful marketing of your candidature can be enhanced by selectively targeting employers' requirements, through different presentation techniques, as illustrated in the below given database engineer resume example. For instance, candidate Perry M. Anglin has included the designation right at the beginning of the resume and summarized key skills underneath it. This helps employers in estimating the candidate's abilities and provokes them to view the resume further. Similarly, a brief career summary further helps in retaining employers' interest, and guiding it to specific sections of the resume. Following on the same strategies, further credentials are shared in bulleted lists, which not only make the details out-stand from the lot, but also gives a sumptuous look. Thus, candidates must make use of their marketing skills to present the candidature in a striking and convincing manner. For more information on specific sections of the resume, we would suggest that applicants go through the database engineer resume sample shared below.

Database Engineer Resume Sample
(An experienced computer engineer with specialization in database management)

Perry M. Anglin

1251 Froe Street
West Virginia - 26003
Tel: (304) 277 0781

(Industrial Equipment Maintenance and Services)

Career Goal

In quest of assignments which provide me with ample challenging opportunities, where I can explore my skill-sets and bring them to effective use, for achieving organizational goals and my professional growth objectives.

Career Summary

An experienced Database Engineer and Administrator with 7 years of experience in managing organizational database and developing new information sharing system and statistical tools for data interpretation. With skill-sets imbibed by experience, I have also developed expertise over developing and integrating DSS (Decision Support Systems) and MIS (Management Information Systems) with the central database. I have worked with reputed organizations across diverse sectors such as health-care, insurance, and finance, which have provided me comprehensive knowledge of key data segmentations, from management and employee support perspective.

Work Experience

Database Administrator(October, 2008 - till date)
Bridge Information Technology Pvt. Ltd., 586 Tallwood Rd., Huntington, WV
Job profile

Responsible for administration of organization central database, involving safety, management, software development and network integration.
Job Description:

  • Managed entire database operations
  • Defined guidelines for database management
  • Studied market technologies for identifying new IT solutions to address database issues
  • Developed organizational policies for database accessibility
  • Assisted database engineer in developing software for different applications
  • Monitored and defined user account control definitions
  • Coordinated with IT Director for planning strategies for database integration from all locations/sites, and optimal strategic utilization of available information
  • Maintained record of user account activities, cloud integration, upgrades made, etc.

Database Engineer(July, 2005 - October 2008)
Gallop General Insurance Inc., 1 John Marshall Dr., Huntington, WV
Job Profile

To design, develop and deploy engineering solutions for effective database management, and integrate it with cloud and central database for global access.
Job Description:

  • Developed software for integrating central database with MIS and DDS systems
  • Designed engineering solutions for data safety, backup and effective storage
  • Developed software solutions for strategic and categoric data storage, in accordance with different reference patterns, such as time based, numeric value based or text based
  • Carried out regular backup and maintenance of database warehouse, involving software and hardware upgrades
  • Maintained log of all database management changes made
  • Updated database with recent records
  • Managed user accounts with accessibility and modification permissions
  • Assigned user access permissions to authorized individuals

Educational Qualifications

  • Course: M.S. (Master of Science) Software Engineering and Database Technologies
    Year: August, 2003 - June, 2005
    Institute: Bluefield State University, 219 Rock St., Bluefield, WV

  • Course: B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) Computer Science
    Year: June, 2000 - August, 2003
    Institute: Marshall University Graduate College, 100 Angus E Peyton Dr., South Charleston, WV

Core Professional Competencies

  • Knowledge of multiple programing languages: Java, C#, .NET, COBOL, FORTRAN
  • Can work on different OS: Windows 97/2000/XP/Vista/2007
  • Expertise at managing organizational database and developing new information sharing system
  • Knowledge of various statistical tools for data interpretation
  • In depth knowledge of DSS (Decision Support Systems) and MIS (Management Information Systems)
  • Diversified exposure: Health-care, insurance, and finance sectors

Personal Skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Effective time management
  • Hardworking: Dedicated efforts
  • Eye for detail


Carl H. Richardson
(Operations Manager)

Bridge Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
586 Tallwood Rd.
West Virginia - 26003
Tel: (304) 274 7474


I acknowledge that the above shared credentials, if asked for need to be supported with original documents, failing which my candidature can be rejected or canceled.

Signature: ####

Name: Perry M. AnglinDate: June 13, 2012Place: Warwood, WV

From the database engineer resume sample shared on this page, we hope that candidates would be able to retrieve required information, and incorporate the same while drafting their resume, to optimize their chances of winning an interview call. Candidates may also incorporate personal ideas for making their database engineer resume unique and personalized.

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