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AutoCAD Engineer Resume

Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is used immensely for drafting designs, making 3D models or simulating actual projects, which will help give an idea of how a particular output will appear on completion. Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Automobile Engineers, etc., make use of this software to simulate the final output. To apply for this position, one must know the roles and responsibilities of a CAD Designer and thus, can refer to the auto CAD engineer resume sample given below.

In some cases, these AutoCAD Engineers work in coordination with architects or other engineers, and simulate designs as per the instructions given by them. Thus, we can say that he/she is responsible for making a blue-print of the final output. The designs, on approval from client or management, are further substantiated. Not only the final output, but every part of the design is explained in a way that, it facilitates its development easily. For example, if someone wishes to make a car, a CAD Engineer, will make a 3D design, which will elaborate on every part of the car, its making, and state the required specifications. On approval, the engineers will work on it, and the car that is manufactured (final output) will resemble the blueprint or the design made by the Auto CAD Designer.

Sample AutoCAD Engineer Resume

Joane .S. Peters
45th Street, Horizon Blvd.,
Alexandria, VA 20203
Ph: 55 212121210

Career Objective:

Zeal to continuously learn and excel, and be a part of manufacturing of innovative products/designs that challenge my abilities and skills at every stage.

Career Summary:

With a relevant work experience of 5.5 years, am currently working with Premier Automobiles, Alexandria. A thorough expertise in designing cars using CAD, and stress on making the designs more effective by using the right graphics, which help make the presentations for client or management more interesting.

Summary of Skills:

  • Familiar with various automobile designs and specifications
  • Familiar with machinery and dies used in automobile manufacturing, and thus simulating the same using CAD
  • Proficiency with computer graphics to help make designs self-explanatory and present the same effectively
  • Good listening and coordination skills
  • Knowledge of software like Omni CAD, Auto CAD and HASS Calculation
  • Well acquainted with different methodologies like GD&T, FEA, etc.
  • Familiar with electro-mechanical and mechanical systems

Professional Details:

Current Employer: Premier Automobiles, Alexandria
Designation: Sr. CAD Engineer
(2009-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Supervision of execution and preparation of engineering plans, specifications, designs, etc.
  • Designing and maintenance of CAD programs
  • Check the designs made by junior designers as per the specifications given by the designer or manufacturing engineer
  • Assist in presentation of 3D designs
  • Insert interactive graphics to make the design and presentation more effective
  • Assist the Project Managers for directing the production as per the design
Previous Employer: Daniel Manufacturing Company, Alexandria, VA
Designation: AutoCAD Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for designing machine parts and dies used in manufacturing of different parts of an automobile
  • Responsible for designing the production floor plan
  • Responsible for designing the on-floor men and material movement plan to help management implement the same
  • Design certain parts of automobile, elaborating on the specifications of the part, which serves as a blue-print for the production workers
  • Help prepare designs for automobile parts and dies to be showcased in Auto Parts & Dies Expo

Computer Skills:

  • Proficient with different operating systems like Linux, Windows, etc.
  • Proficient in graphic designing


  • Masters of CAD Engineering, University of Alexandria, VA- May 2005
  • Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering, University of Alexandria, VA- May 2003

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Participated in Automobile Design Expo - 2004
  • Won first prize for Best & Innovative Die Design- 2004
  • Represented the organization in Auto Parts & Dies Expo - 2006

Preferred Job Locations:

Looking for suitable job opportunities only in Virginia


Available on request

Joane .S. Petersdd/mm/yyyy

The CAD Engineers thus, help in preparing the blue-print of what an Architect or Engineer wishes to manufacture. Using Auto CAD, a 3D design and graphics can be blended well to help present the design effectively, such that clients or management approve the same. The sample auto CAD engineer resume sample given above not only helps us understand the job roles and responsibilities, but also gives us a ready resume format that can be altered by a CAD Engineer to draft his/her resume.
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