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Sociology Teacher Resume

Sociology is a subject that studies the society from a scientific point of view. It studies the social groups, interactions, actions and reactions of the group, etc. It studies the societal structure, varied cultures, religions, etc., and their overall impact on the development of a human being. It also studies the constraints of societies, different norms, regulations, etc., which shape the behavior and personality of an individual. Thus, it is a microscopic study of the society we live and various factors that act and react, making it the ultimate space we live in. It is a subject studied in the arts stream and many pursue a major in the same. A sociology graduate can work in different job roles other than that of a faculty of sociology.

Some job profiles are as follows:

  • Community worker
  • Welfare advice worker
  • Social researcher
  • NGO worker, etc.

Let us discuss the job role of a sociology teacher with the help of a sociology teacher resume. Also, interested candidates can make use of the same to draft their resumes and apply for the said positions.

Stella S. Arthur
151 West Newton Drive
Thompson, IA 50475
Phone: 641-258-2285

Career Objective:

Willing to teach the subject and impart my practical knowledge of the same to help students understand the complex set up we live in and help them to make it a better place to live in as well. Besides, willing to use my expertise and skills of sociological studies to help improve the society one lives in, tackle the social problems, and help people to adapt to the concept of society, which, at times, leads to frustration and crimes.

Career Summary:

Presently employed with St. Mary High School as a Sociology Faculty and conducts sessions for grades XI and XII . Prior to this, worked with Thompson Welfare Society as a Community Worker. Also, a part of the community programs of the same and works with them in the spare time.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Expertise in developing a teaching approach that helps keeping students motivated and interested in the subject
  • Expertise in coming up with live examples or real life examples to explain different concepts of sociology
  • Conduct visits to different places and motivate students to analyze the society and sociological factors of it
  • Expertise in evaluating and providing feedback to students based on their performance to help them improve further

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: St. Mary High School, Thompson, Iowa (2012-till date)
Designation: Sociology Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Head of Department (HOD) – Arts
  • Refer to the schedule planned by the HOD and conduct sessions accordingly
  • Plan the sessions in advance. Plan the syllabus to be covered, prepare the required course materials, presentations, case studies, and evaluation papers for the same
  • Make use of all these materials to make sessions simple and interesting
  • Review tests papers, assignments, presentations, and projects submitted by students and assign proper grades to them

Previous Work Experience

A] Thompson Welfare Society, Iowa (2010-2012)
Designation: Community Worker
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work towards eradicating different social problems such as child abuse, sexual abuse, social discrimination, caste and race discrimination, etc.
  • Help identified groups of the society suffering from such unethical and inhuman social norms and practices and aid them to live a better life
  • Conduct revamping activities for the ones in dire need of the same
  • Help victims get the required help from the governing authorities and assist them live a better life
  • Assist in providing medical and educational assistance


  • Master of Arts with Honors in Sociology, St. Peters University of Arts, Thompson, Iowa - 2010
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Sociology, St. Peters University of Arts, Thompson, Iowa - 2008


Sharon Mark - St. Mary High School, Thompson, Iowa
11th West Downtown Drive
Thompson, Iowa 50475
Ph: 787-151-5514

Maria S White - Thompson Welfare Society, Iowa
2nd Lake West Drive
Thompson, Iowa 50474
Ph: 787-151-5516


Stella S. Arthur

This sociology teacher resume sample will help deserving and potential candidates to put forth their candidature and present their best to the employer. It helps the employer to analyze the candidate's potential with reference to the said job and thus, take the right decision pertaining to his candidature. Refer to the above resume sample and draft a resume which helps you to communicate your potential and abilities to the prospective employer.

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