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Science Teacher Resume

A science teacher resume is written by a person who is well educated in the subject of science and can impart knowledge to students as per the teaching standards and norms.

The field of science is pretty diverse and one can be master any of its branches such as physics, chemistry, or biology. These branches further have sub-branches which require more training and understanding to teach them. The level of one's required qualifications in this subject depends upon the level at which he will be teaching; it may be school level education or college (graduation or post-graduation) level education.

Usually for teaching at the school level, a person requires to have completed his graduation in science with a major in an area of the subject. Along with this, some basic training in pedagogical methods (that is, methods of teaching and instructing students) is to be taken in order to get the teaching job. But, when striving for teaching at higher levels such as the college level, one needs to further his educational qualifications by pursuing doctorate degree in the field of choice. A doctorate can help you to achieve the position of head of the department (HOD) in a college/university. The requirements for becoming a teacher vary to a certain extent from state to state in the US. In some states, it is necessary to undergo evaluations conducted by the state organizations during one's first year of teaching, where the evaluations are done based on the basis of the performance till date. Also, a teaching license from National Board for Professional Teaching Standards or any other equivalent state institution is necessary.

Coming to the point of how to write a good resume, following is a resume sample for the very purpose of explaining you how to go about the entire process. A resume is a very important piece of document that governs your chances of getting selected or rejected at any selection process.

Make no mistake; writing a resume needs training and proper guidance. There is a format and structure for doing it and a particular style of language along with this format and structure is necessary for making your resume an effective tool.

Here is a sample.

John A. Riley
16th Napa Valley St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-1224


Young and dynamic person with good work experience, I am seeking a teaching job as a science teacher in an environment, where I can face new challenges every day and make good use of my knowledge to teach students the subject in the best and most practical ways that could be.

Profile Summary

  • 7 years of teaching experience in the physics subject with some of the well-known schools such as C.W. Brown School and St. Martin's High School
  • Licensed teacher from National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • Equipped with master's degree in physics – thermo-dynamics
  • Immaculate track record of good results and student performance throughout the career till date
  • Maintained regular correspondence with parents and ensured to work together for the betterment of their children

Skills Summary

  • Excellent at handling children and keeping them motivated to excel in the area of studies
  • Excellent communication skills for communicating well enough with students and faculty members
  • Always comes up with new teaching methodologies to keep students interested, using practical ways of teaching
  • Good at time management for completing the syllabus on time and letting students to prepare well for their exams
  • Effective skills in maintaining interpersonal relations and efficient at making team efforts

Work Experience

C.W. Brown School
Physics Teacher (2011-Present)

  • Taught 11th and 12th grade students in a classroom environment and also conducted practical sessions in the school lab
  • Operated as an instructor at the internal practical exams for the same grades
  • Conducted surprise tests and helped students in improving their performance by conducting extra classes too
  • Excelled at fulfilling all the duties as the class teacher of the 12th grade and guided students throughout their overall academic ongoings
  • Ensured subject-related constructive discussions in the class through which students could learn important things
  • Carried out the administrative duties swiftly and efficiently

St. Martin's High School
Physics Teacher (2007-2011)

  • Planned the course structure breakdown and schedule for different classes, so as to distribute the course evenly over the entire academic year
  • Conducted parent-teacher meetings and through constructive interaction, ensured healthy mutual understanding between teachers and parents
  • Motivated all students to come forward and take effective part in all class discussions
  • Provided students with exam paper samples to help them prepare better for the exams


  • Licensed Teacher from National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, 2007
  • Master's Degree in Physics – Thermo-Dynamics from University of Chicago, 2006
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Chicago, 2004

This is how a science teacher resume is written and complied in a perfect manner. Pay attention to the format that has been used here. The body of the resume has been divided into various sections that help in segregating the information categorically and sequentially.

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