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School Psychologist Resume

The level of stress in our lives is increasing day by day. Be it the working personnel, housewives, or school kids, everybody is highly stressed. If not stressed then each of us has certain problems, doubts, misconceptions, etc., that hamper our lives, performances, and careers. In such situations, we resort to the help of a psychologist.

Psychologists work in different fields and cater to different problems. School psychologists work in schools and cater to the problems of students, industrial psychologists work in industries, etc. In this way, these professionals help to solve the problems of people belonging to different fields.

Let us discuss more about this field with reference to a school psychologist with the help of a brief job description and school psychologist resume.

Job description of a School Psychologist:

Increasing competitions, tough syllabi, and high expectations have made life very stressful for students. Some students cope up with these factors while some fail to do so. The ones who fail to cope up with these stressful situations are subjected to anger, stress, depression, violence, etc.; their behavior and personality are hampered to a great extent. In such situations, a psychologist's counseling sessions help the students in overcoming the same. Not only in such situations, but situations wherein their confidence needs to be boosted or they need to be motivated, a psychologist plays a big role in the same.

A school psychologist works in coordination with the parents and teachers of the students to help enjoy their lives and get rid of any mental fatigue and stress. The resume sample given below will help us to understand more about the job profile and the interested candidates can make use of the same to draft their resumes.

Juliet F. Melvyn
96 Judson Street
Peoria, IL 61609
Phone: 309-308-3302

Career Objective:

With skills and expertise developed over 6 years of work experience and having worked with students of different age groups, mentality, sections of the society, etc., I am looking forward to continue working with students who need such guidance and counseling to grow up as respected and successful citizens of the nation.

Career Summary:

I am presently working with Royale World High School, Peoria, Illinois as a School Psychologist, wherein I am responsible for helping and counseling students to cope up with their education and the growing complexities of life. Prior to this, I worked with City International Elementary School and was responsible for providing counseling and guidance to students aged between 5-13 years of age. Working with different age groups has helped me to develop my expertise in the same.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in communication with excellent coordination skills
  • Well acquainted with the challenges, competition, and stress in today's environment and their effect on students
  • Expertise in counseling and analyzing the behavioral traits of students
  • Good listening skills and excellent observation skills, which helps to conduct thorough analysis and counseling

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Royaale World High School, Peoria, Illinois (2011 - till date)
Designation: School Psychologist
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work in coordination with teachers, parents, and students
  • Conduct regular counseling sessions with students
  • Counsel and handle the behavioral issues and cope up the issues of students and help them to overcome the same
  • Conduct thorough analysis of the information gathered during counseling
  • Communicate the students' problems and issues with their teachers and parents
  • Observe the students' behavior and help them to overcome their problems

Previous Work Experience

A] City International Elementary School, Peoria, Illinois (2008-2011)
Designation: School Psychologist

  • Conduct regular counseling sessions
  • Conduct regular motivational lectures to help students stay motivated and encouraged
  • Help students to cope up with competition and peer pressure


  • Master of Arts with Honors in School Psychology, Peoria Arts University, Peoria, Illinois - 2008
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Psychology, Peoria Arts University, Peoria, Illinois - 2006


Mark P. Louis - Joseph Paul High School, Peoria, Illinois - Principal
121 Giraffe Center Lane
Peoria, IL- 61610
Ph: 358-645-6601

Julia P. Brown - City International Elementary School, Peoria, Illinois (HOD English)
5th Crossword Book Lane
Peoria, IL 61612
Ph: 358-285-2024


Juliet F. Melvyn

A school psychologist thus, plays an important role in the social and career development of a student. Lack of counseling and guidance for adolescences and teenagers might cause a great harm to their overall personality. Thus, schools make sure that they have a psychologist working with them, who is at the service of their students as and when needed. Refer to the above given school psychologist resume sample and send in your job applications to grab an opportunity.

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