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Recreation Coordinator Resume

A recreation coordinator is responsible for planning programs and assisting in the marketing and promotion of activities. Other tasks involve supervising recreational activities, monitoring, reporting, and evaluating programs, etc. Organizations where you can find a recreation coordinator job can be the federal and state departments, municipal government, retirement centers, health care facilities, and resorts.

Recreation coordinators are responsible for scheduling programs and handling the supervision and management of recreational facilities. Ensuring a clean and safe environment is essential in order to provide a proper recreation facility to the customers. The three major reasons for performing recreational activities can be related to: quality of life, therapeutic purpose, and income purpose.

Recreational coordinator is the first level of the classification done as per the class series of the jobs in this field. These professionals are expected to make judgments and need to take some initiatives too. There are different classes in this section too. The section starts from the lower level of the recreation technician class and involves renting and setting up facilities that are related to the monitoring of the functions and seeing to it that the task is done efficiently. The next level is composed of the supervisor class where the professional maintains the proper functioning of the programs. He is responsible to get the tasks done within the budget as well as within a certain time span.

Responsibilities of a Recreation Coordinator

The director of the organization is normally the person to be reported by a recreation coordinator. In some organizations, you may need to report to an intermediary between you and the director of the organization. Sometimes, the departmental heads may themselves work as recreation coordinators and act in the supervision of lifeguards, activity facilitators, and coaches, maintenance of the organization, and management of other staffs. They ensure the equipment upkeep and recruitment of staffs, train new recruits, evaluate programs, report the results, assess feedback, look after facility repairs, and ensure that proper safety is delivered to the customers.

Therapeutic recreation treatment planning, managing public relations, and marketing strategy planning may also come within the job responsibilities of a recreation coordinator. You may also be responsible for designing fliers and promotional materials as well as assisting in their distribution. Press releases and announcements may also be handled by you while holding this position.

If you want to apply for this post, you will need a resume to put forth your case before the employer. A format for such a resume is provided below. You can use it as a base to draft your own resume.

Nikki J. Varela
850 Harper Street
Payneville, KY 40157
Phone: 267-254-2673


I want to work as a recreation coordinator in a reputed organization, where I can use my skills and do better in the future.


  • Interpersonal skills that can help to build a good team and may assist in the growth of the organization
  • Ability to efficiently handle multiple tasks at a time and effectively as well
  • Ability to accept challenges and work in demanding situations
  • Punctual, good time management skills, and understands the importance of time
  • Capable of effectively communicating in English, Spanish, and French


  • Master of Science in Behavioral Science - Athens State University, Alabama (2012)
  • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science and Counseling - Athens State University (2010)

Project Details:

Project on Recreation Coordinators
Organization: Saint Andrew's Community
Duration: 3 months


  • Implementing the programs of the company
  • Planning the events schedule
  • Making arrangements of the transport facility for the participants, so that they can reach the venue
  • Making plans for the events such that they fit into the budget of the company
  • Making proper arrangements of the accessories required in event management
  • Keeping a proper record of the attendance of the employees


Recreation Coordinator:
Organization: Happy Home Inc.
Duration: February 2012-present


  • Planning for the entertainment of the participants during the events, so that they remain motivated
  • Managing the problems of the participants and resolving the issues
  • Choosing a space for the organization of the events
  • Helping in proper decoration of the venue according to the client's requirements
  • Planning for the transport facility
  • Finalizing the budget for the event and working as per the budget to get the tasks done within the given time
Professional Reference:

Name: Stella J. Pilla
Designation: Recreational Coordinator
Charlie Club
1933 Oak Drive
Mayfield, NY 12117
Phone: 635-253-2793

Name: Albert A. Spencer
Designation: Recreational Coordinator
Angelo Club
3632 Rinehart Road
Sunrise, FL 33323

Nikki J. Varela

A recreational coordinator has to plan the events and help in the promotion and marketing of the activities within the organization. He also needs to supervise the recreational activities and make sure that they are carried out properly. He also needs to take care of the hygiene and cleanliness during the event. If you want to get into this job, you will definitely need a resume to apply for. Go through the format provided above and design your personal recreation coordinator resume.

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