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Lead Teacher Resume

A school has subject teachers, assistant staffs, principal, etc. All these personnel work in coordination to make the learning experience extremely fruitful for students. One such important faculty is a lead teacher. Since lead teachers usually work with elementary schools, they are also titled as early childhood lead teachers. Lead teachers work in coordination with school staffs, parents, and students.

In small schools, which do not have any assistant principal or curriculum specialists, the lead teachers are of great importance. The requirements for the said position in elementary and high schools differ to some extent.

Let us discuss the same and read a lead teacher resume sample followed by it to help understand the job role and ideal resume to apply for the same.

Job Description of Lead Teacher:

Lead teachers need to have considerable teaching experience, which is around a year for working in elementary schools and almost three years for high schools. To work with high schools, the candidates need to have a degree in a relevant subject, whereas in case of elementary schools, any such degree is not mandatory. A certified course will suffice for working with elementary schools.

Generic Job Roles:

A lead teacher does not teach a specific subject. These are head teaching personnel whom other teachers resort to in case of doubts pertaining to teaching patterns, curriculums, student behavior, evaluation procedures, etc. They conduct regular meetings with teachers and the principal and attend the school meetings and parent-teacher meetings. They have to be familiar with the educational regulations and standards of the school.

Mentoring new teachers, assisting them, and reviewing the course curriculum, teaching and evaluation pattern, etc., are a few of the job responsibilities associated with the said position.

For further information on the same, refer to the resume sample given below.

Mary F. Stockton
1015 Grey Boulevard Drive
Thompson, IA 50479
Phone: 641-484-2815

Career Objective:

With a considerable experience in the field of teaching and thorough knowledge of educational standards and regulations, I am looking forward to work as a Lead Teacher with some of the renowned schools of Iowa.

Career Summary:

Having worked as a School Teacher for 5 years and being an active member of the Education Board of Iowa, I am currently working with Holy Christ High School as a Lead Teacher. Working as a Lead Teacher, I am responsible for mentoring and assisting other teaching staff, reviewing the teaching techniques and evaluation procedures, etc. Prior to this, I worked as an English Teacher with Lady Elizabeth Elementary and High School.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough knowledge of the course curriculums, educational standards, and teaching techniques
  • Expertise in mentoring new teachers and helping them to get acquainted with the school environment and student behavior
  • Expertise in helping teachers to develop a course curriculum and teaching technique
  • Well acquainted with student behavior and classroom teaching requirements
  • Expertise in coordinating and communicating with parents
  • Ability to communicate and implement certain techniques, rules, regulations, etc., to make the learning environment as beneficial as possible for students and teachers

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Holy Christ High School, Thompson, Iowa (2011-till date)
Designation: Lead Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Principal
  • Help teachers and solve their queries pertaining to the curriculum, school environment, student behavior, evaluation, etc.
  • Assist in the selection and recruitment of new teachers
  • Handle the task of training and mentoring new teachers
  • Make sure that the teachers possess all the required skills and resources for teaching
  • Conduct meetings with teachers to understand their requirements, get feedback from them, explain and communicate new rules, concepts, etc.
  • Attend parents-teacher meets and make sure that the parents are aware of what their children are learning in the school, the school environment, etc.

Previous Work Experience

A] Lady Elizabeth Elementary and High School (2009-2011)
Designation: English Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the HOD of English Department
  • Conduct sessions for grades V, VII, and VIII
  • Train students in English grammar, written communication, oral communication, etc.
  • Help students to participate in essay writing and recitation competitions
  • Direct English plays for the school's annual function
  • Conduct class tests and evaluate students for their progress
  • Draft tests and exam papers and evaluate the same on time


  • Master of Education, Professional Studies University, Thompson, Iowa - 2009
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with Honors in Literature (English), Thompson University, Thompson, Iowa - 2007


Julie Peters - Lady Elizabeth Elementary and High School, HOD English
25th Flower Lane Drive
Thompson, IA 55872
Ph: 658-556-2054

Shelvey S Brooke - Holy Christ High School, Student Coordinator
23rd Cross Street South Lane
Thompson, IA 55847
Ph: 568-552-2214


Mary F. Stockton

A lead teacher, thus, needs to be an expert in the field of education such that the other staff teachers can look up to him for assistance and guidance. He should be capable enough to develop an educational approach that provides utmost benefits to students and train them to become successful grown up individuals. His lead teacher resume should also reflect similar potential and expertise such that the school authorities get convinced of his candidature and potential.

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