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Japanese Teacher Resume

Teaching a language is an art and it takes sheer dedication to learn any language. You might probably think that it is an easy task, but you must know that people spend their entire lives studying the language and still it's never enough. Language is not a scientific theorem that can be proved with some mathematical formulae, but it is an ever evolving process.

You may think that you are good at speaking your mother tongue, but that may not be true at all! A language is not just about communicating with people; literature, phonetics, pronunciation, and many other factors revolve around it. Moreover, do you know how your native language originated? Selected people are gifted with the ability of being a polyglot. If you consider yourself as one of them then you can definitely consider teaching as your career in this field. However, the condition is that you should be interested in sharing your knowledge at the first place.

You can go through the sample of Japanese teacher resume given here. Japanese, just as Chinese, is considered as one of the most difficult languages to learn. Japanese language makes use of logograms and many people find it difficult to learn that because of their absolutely different structure as compared to the English alphabets.

Betty E. Johnson
87, 65th floor
4817 Terry Lane
Maitland, FL 32751
Phone: 762-938-8937
Email Address:

Career Objective:

To teach the Japanese language to both native and foreign students and promote the learning of the language.

Career Summary:

I have worked as an Associate Professor in State University of Maitland, FL for 5 years. Later, I worked as a Senior Professor for Japanese Language in the same university.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Master of Arts (Japanese Language), State University of Maitland, FL
  • Bachelor of Arts (Japanese Language), State University of Maitland, FL
  • High School Certificate, St. Perl's High School, Maitland, FL

Work Experience:

Institution: State University of Maitland, FL
Job Title: Senior Professor for Japanese Language
Duration: 4 years


  • Teach Level 1 of the language
  • Check test papers and assign grades
  • Assign language projects and provide supervision from time to time
  • Assign thesis work to students (according to the rules of the university)
  • Report to the Head of Department (HOD) (Japanese Language) about the lecture schedules
  • Regularly sign the muster and mark the students' attendance
  • Organize educational trips for students
  • Work with the HOD to prepare annual reports for submission to the Principal
  • Work on the result statistics and provide a review to the HOD
  • Be in contact with the university personnel for regular modifications in the syllabus
  • Use innovative methods in teaching, presentations, photography, etc., to explain the certain concepts
  • Finish the syllabus on time
  • Guide students in their project work

Institution: State University of Maitland, FL
Job Title: Assistant Professor
Duration: 5 years


  • Assist senior professors in preparing the study materials (CD's and books) for international students
  • Organize for visits to Japanese museums to make students understand the culture
  • Select high merit students for the annual visit to Japan for scholarship
  • Supervise the projects of students every week
  • Work on the thesis projects
  • Report the HOD regarding the meetings with final year students
  • Hold meetings with the alumni members
  • Teach A2 level students
  • Hold conferences (only in Japanese)
  • Assign translation projects to students and check them

Certification and skills:

  • C2 Level Certification in Japanese Language
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Good teaching skills


  • Selected for International Scholarship in Japanese Language
  • Won 1st place in a C2 level competition in University of Maitland


Ian S. Lucas
45, 3rd Floor
2942 Ruckman Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73109
Contact Number: 887-6542-3763
Email Address:

Roger J. Larsen
65, Hoch1 Bl.
4765 Apple Lane
Bloomington, IL 61701
Contact Number: 764-243-8263
Email Address:


Betty E. Johnson

For your help, a sample of Japanese teacher resume has been provided here. Your interest for learning the language and teaching it must be indicated in the resume. Mention the points that prove that you have an expertise in the language. If you have prior experience in the teaching profession, be it full time or part time, it will always help you. A master's degree or Ph.D is an add on. At last, after all, it is your command over the language that matters!

So, practice regularly and always be ready to learn new things, as you know there is nothing called as – an end to the language studies! One more thing, a language teacher should keep in mind that the pronunciations should be correct and in no way should it be accented in your native language (if your native is not Japanese, of course!).

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