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Film Teacher Resume

Many of us aspire to be successful actors. We usually feel that it is very easy to become an actor and the actors do not have any qualification or degree and still earn very well. However, nothing comes by so easily. Even actors have to attend acting schools and get professional training in acting. Teachers working in these schools are known as film instructors, acting instructors, film teachers, etc.

When we use the term film instructor or film teacher, it comprises of a wider category of roles rather than describing someone who just gets trained in acting. A film teacher can train on various aspects of filmmaking such as acting, directing, editing, etc. These teachers work with film and television training schools. Alternatively, many teachers after gaining considerable experience, set up their own training schools and train the aspiring candidates to excel in the film industry.

A film instructor has to possess expertise in different aspects of the film and television industry. Practical experience of facing the camera, directing, editing, etc., or whatever the instructor teaches is an added advantage in this field. Thus, we see that many actors, after giving up acting, work as trainers, directors work as instructors after a considerable experience, etc. The teachers working with such schools need to complete a certain degree course from an institute or university offering the same. The qualification and experience combined together and presented in a film teacher resume will help the deserving candidates to carve a niche for themselves and work with renowned film or acting schools.

Action speaks louder than words; the same applies to a resume as well. When someone wishes to train students willing to pursue film direction as their career, the employer will definitely want to judge the instructor's skills and expertise pertaining to the same. Mentioning a few films directed (independently or assisted) in the resume will thus help the employer to judge your candidature. Therefore, make sure that your resume justifies your skills and expertise.

Zaara D. Bakers
208 Yellow Tea Drive
Waldorf, MD 20639
Phone: 301-128-1182

Career Objective:

Willing to pool in my expertise and knowledge in the field of acting and film direction to help the budding stars to furnish and master their skills, so as to give class apart actors and directors to the film industry.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 15 years and relevant experience of 5 years, I am presently a part of Nightingale Creative Dreams - Film and Television Training School, Waldorf, MD as an Instructor. Prior to this, I was a part of the industry where I played different roles on screen and when off screen, assisted in directing few successful projects, and worked with some of the best minds of the field.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in acting with great direction skills and knowledge
  • Expertise in facing the camera, dialog delivery, understanding the importance of angles, and different ways a scene is directed
  • Well acquainted with the requirements of a director in terms of screen presence, camera facing, dialog delivery, voice control, etc.
  • Thorough with the trends of the film industry, demands of the market, technicalities involved in direction and acting, etc.
  • Exceptional expertise in training actors from the director's point of view
  • Well acquainted with the nervousness, tension, fear, etc., faced by new entrants in the field and expertise in helping them to get over the same with ease

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Nightingale Creative Dreams - Film and Television Training School, Waldorf, MD (2009-till date)
Designation: Acting and Direction Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Chief Instructor of the institute
  • Train students in acting and direction
  • Train aspiring actors in camera facing, dialog delivery, voice pitch and control, emoting roles and characters on screen, understanding the character, demand of the role, etc.
  • Assign various tasks to students pertaining to acting and direction. Assign scripts to actors and evaluate their performances. Assign direction tasks to directors and evaluate their expertise and exploitation of situation to get the best output on screen.
  • Help new entrants in facing the camera, understanding the industry work culture and requirements, groom their personality and screen presence, train them in every aspect - right from dialog delivery to controlling of emotions on screen, putting forth the right attitude, etc.
  • Evaluate students for their performances, assess different acting and direction projects submitted by them, assign grades, and help them to improve

Previous Work Experiences:

Prior to working as an Instructor, I faced the camera and acted in many renowned television series. After gaining expertise in acting, I decided to go behind the camera where I assisted in direction and also handled a few projects independently. The list of a few of my acting and direction projects is as follows:

The Seven Nights
Role - Kevin Mark (a nuclear scientist)

Unknown Mysteries
Role - Captain Jack

Family Tree
Role - Jeff Bugnell

Paradise Nights

Great Love Story

Crime Scene
Assistant Director

Jacob's Kids
Assistant Director


  • Ph.D in Film Studies, Kevin Louis Institute of Film Studies, Waldorf, Maryland - 1998
  • Master of Film and Television Studies, Waldorf University, Waldorf, Maryland - 1995
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honor in English Literature, Waldorf, Maryland - 1993

Technical Skills:

  • Expertise in using the latest film direction equipment and cameras to get the best output on screen
  • Well acquainted with various editing and mixing tools


Willing to relocate to New York.


Available on prior request.


Zaara D. Bakers

The above film teacher resume is segregated mainly into three parts. One part gives information about the present job roles, the second about the previous job roles, and the third part pertaining to the candidate's qualifications. The previous work experience section gives a summarized view of the candidate's acting and direction career. However, mentioning the names of the projects undertaken during the said span makes the resume more effective. Similarly, summarize your expertise in a simple and systematic pattern and put forth your candidature for similar positions.

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