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Early Intervention Teacher Resume

An early intervention teacher has more roles to play and she has to work directly with groups of students, who cannot access the mainstream of an education system. She has to work closely with the teaching and non-teaching staffs to produce effective education plans for each individual. An early intervention teacher has to cooperate with Behavior Support Services and bring the benefits to other teachers as well.

She also has the responsibility to liaise with parents and carers of pupils in the target group and maintain contacts with the education social work and education psychology services to support pupils who wish to go beyond usual limits other than just classrooms. She must be aware of the laws governing child protection. It is the responsibility of the teacher to convene meetings with clients to discuss their problems and the possible solutions.

An early intervention teacher has to provide counseling to communities and students in all aspects of their problems faced and provide mental and physical support with the help of the concerned officials. She has also to help students who are in the process of transition to other institutions. She has to evaluate and develop plans among communities and provide child development services through positive interactions with them.

Priscilla D
2618, Mulberry Avenue
Little Rock
AR-72211, USA
Phone: 501-358-1118

Job Objective:

I am looking for the position of early intervention teacher in a reputed school to contribute my strength and abilities for the benefit of students.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Good experience in social work activities and fine knowledge of psychology and sociology
  • Capacity to develop good relationships with parents, children, and other staff members
  • Capacity to understand the feelings and needs of students clearly
  • Regular tendency and ability to motivate pupils
  • Capacity to prepare reports on the activities of team members in the school
  • Ability to adhere to the existing practices and respond positively to new and alternative systems for improvement
  • Ability to perform early intervention developmental evaluations
  • Ability to prepare materials, presentations, etc., and arrange for workshops and seminars
  • Good verbal and written communication skills

Professional Experience:

Position at Present: Early Intervention Teacher
School: Martin Child Development School, Decatur, GA
Period: August, 2012 to till today


  • Contributed substantial part in developing and executing IFSP and IEP programs
  • Handled the task of performing annual evaluation and assessments and offering suggestions for improved activities
  • Exclusively designed several activities for children in order to achieve their goals and objectives
  • Prepared on time the lesson plans and progress reports of children
  • Maintained necessary contacts with the clinical team monitoring the medical and dietary needs of children
  • Handled the work of maintaining a good working environment in the classrooms
  • Performed the task of monitoring and evaluating the performances of students in their activities such as social development, physical health, behavior, cultural, and extra curricular activities

Position: Early Intervention Teacher
Organisation: Alton High School, Miami, FL
Period: August, 2010 to June, 2012

Responsibilities Held:

  • Provided meritorious services to children with some developmental disabilities
  • Performed evaluation and assessment studies to identify any presence of developmental disabilities
  • In respect of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, provided necessary intervention and special education and cheered them
  • Identified students who are in need of early language and literacy intervention and performed the needful for them
  • Identified visually impaired children and arranged testing for them
  • Developed contacts with appropriate agencies and with their help, provided superior quality services to the communities


  • Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from University of California, 2010
  • Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education from University of California, 2008


Available upon request

You are required to write an early intervention teacher resume to acquire the position. In your resume, you have to express your passion and love towards the job as it involves dealing with children. The importance of early intervention teacher resume lies in the fact that it expresses your energy and desire to work. The resume must prove that you are a person who can complete the assigned work with accuracy and within the allotted time limit. Such candidates are preferred by employers over others, no matter how qualified they are.

The details of early intervention teacher resume should contain your enthusiasm and creativity besides your skills, qualifications, and experiences. It must speak of your innovative and exceptional ideas, which are the qualities required for a teaching profession. If you have done any voluntary services in this regard, you can mention about them. This is an inviting attitude in respect of the profession you are seeking for.

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