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Communication Teacher Resume

Communication is a very important part of the human life. It is a part of the day-to-day activities of our lives. We cannot live our lives if we fail to express ourself verbally or non-verbally. Verbal and non-verbal communication are so much a part of our lives that we unknowingly make use of them. When we speak, we know that we are using verbal cues. However, when we make use of non-verbal cues while speaking, it is often unintentional but of great importance in our lives.

Schools thus give specific importance to this subject. They appoint communication teachers specializing in soft skills, business communication, etc., and train students in the same. One can be extremely good at his vocation and possess excellent skills, but everything would go in vain if he fails to express the same. Thus, excellent communication is a must.

For anyone to succeed in his vocation and why only vocation, but also in his life, he has to be a good speaker and listener. For working as a faculty of communication, one needs to be excellent in communication and should possess a degree or diploma in the same field. The sample of communication teacher resume shared herewith is a perfect source of reference and a 'ready to use' resume template to draft a competent resume for the said post.

Maria T. Pipe
12th Great Magician Round Street
Waukegan, IL 60012
Phone: 885-765-5165

Career Objective:

With immense expertise and professional experience in the field of communication, willing to work with institutes that help individuals gain command over languages and develop their personality such that they evolve to be successful and confident individuals/professionals. Wishing to develop a personal teaching style and technique rather than sticking to monotonous teaching practices.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 6 years in the said field and relevant experience of 3 years, presently employed with Focal Point Communication Experts as a Communication Trainer. Prior to this, worked with JSS Software Solutions Ltd., as a Corporate Communication Executive, wherein the responsibility of managing internal and external communication of the organization was solely handled.

Professional Skills Synopsis:

Management Skills -

  • Excellent communication skills and expertise in planning communication strategies for the organization
  • Expertise in managing communication requirements, using various modes of communication, and formulating training modules in the same
  • Expertise in understanding the requirements (students or clients) and formulating training programs accordingly

Niche Skills -

  • Expertise in training and communication
  • Well acquainted with the requirements of the communication profile and ability to become thorough with the expectations of the employer from a candidate's point of view who is willing to work in the same profile
  • Expertise in motivating students, providing guidance, and helping them to excel in communication
  • Expertise in oral and written communication and use of verbal and non-verbal cues in communication
  • Expertise in understanding the personal requirements, difficulties, and strengths of students and helping them to work accordingly to gain a command over communication
  • Expertise in English, Spanish, and French. Excellence in oral and written communication in all these languages and expertise in training students in the same
  • Highly enthusiastic personality with utmost positive attitude towards life
  • Self motivated and result oriented, thus serving as a great mentor or guide

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Focal Point Communication Experts, Waukegan, Illinois (2011-till date)
Designation: Principal
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the chief instructor of the institute
  • Devise teaching strategies and training programs for students
  • Devise course materials for students after analyzing the requirements of the class. For example, if pronunciation is the main problem, including audio cues in training will help to increase the understanding and grasping ability of students
  • Conduct regular class tests in oral and written communication
  • Ensure that all the aspects of communication - formal, informal, spoken, written, and emailing, including verbal and non-verbal communication cues are addressed in detail
  • Motivate students to step forward and speak in front of the class and participate in debates or recitations, so that their public speaking skills are enhanced further
  • Take one-on-one sessions with students, so that they could easily speak up about their problems, discuss their doubts, etc., which they might not discuss comfortably before the class
  • Help students understand phonetics, use of vocabulary, etc. Encourage them to construct sentences and write speeches or dialogs, formal or informal letters, etc., and recite the same in the class
  • Evaluate students for their progress, assign grades, provide them the required feedback, and help them to improve and excel in communication

Previous Work Experience:

JSS Software Solutions Ltd., Waukegan, Illinois (2008-2011)
Designation: Corporate Communication Executive
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the communication chief
  • Chalk out communication strategies for the organization
  • Work on internal and external communication plans of the organization
  • Define proper modes and strategies of communication for every requirement of the organization and submit the same to the seniors for further perusal
  • Make amendments as suggested by the seniors and work towards implementing the strategy on approval of the same by the seniors
  • Check the effectiveness of the communication strategy, outcome of the same, and whether it served the purpose it was meant to serve


  • Master of Mass Communication, Mount Serra University, Waukegan, Illinois - 2008
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English, Mount Serra University, Waukegan, Illinois - 2006
  • Diploma in Business Communication, Mount Serra University, Waukegan, Illinois - 2009


Maria T. Pipe

The communication teacher resume sample presented herewith thus serves the purpose of putting forth one's candidature as effectively as possible such that the employer gets highly convinced and thinks of taking his candidature ahead for further rounds of selection. Use your resume to create the best possible impression on the employer. 546) URL:

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