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Ceramics Teacher Resume

Job Description:

A ceramics teacher is a skilled artisan in ceramics who imparts knowledge on the same to his students. He trains students in this form of art and is thorough with the usage of pot wheel and different materials used in the industry. Practical training counts more than any theoretical knowledge in this art. The resume sample given below will further clarify the concept of resume writing and help you to understand more about the ceramics teacher job profile.

Lisa T. Ray
J. Hampshire West Hollow Street
Hartford, CT 75074
Phone: 885-715-1155

Career Objective:

Wishing to impart my knowledge and skills to the lovers of art, who wish to master the art of ceramics. Willing to use my expertise to keep this art alive and help it flourish further.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 8 years and relevant experience of 3 years, I am presently employed with JJ School of Fine Arts as a Ceramics Instructor where I train students in ceramic craft. Prior to this, I worked as a Ceramics Craftsman with Vivasol Art House, wherein I made different artifacts which were put up for sale in the Vivasol's gallery. I still make artifacts in my spare time and use it for charity auctions, exhibitions, etc.

Professional Skills Synopsis:

  • Excellent craftsman skills
  • Great creativity and imagination skills
  • Expertise in using different pottery materials, pot wheel, etc., and experimenting with colors
  • Capable of substantiating thoughts and imaginations, putting them down on paper, and converting them into beautiful artifacts
  • Experienced in training and mentoring
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to motivate students to strengthen their imagination power and bring in innovation and creativity in their art

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: JJ School of Fine Arts, Hartford, CT (2011-till date)
Designation: Ceramics Craft Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the head of department (HOD) of the arts and crafts section of the school
  • Conduct regular sessions as per the devised schedule
  • Divide the session hours in discussion and practical experimentation
  • Motivate students to put in their imagination to the wildest, show utmost creativity in thoughts, and substantiate the same
  • Motivate students to showcase their talent, experiment with colors and material, etc., and bring in innovation and variation in art
  • Guide students on the usage of different materials, art and craft equipment, potter's wheel, different colors, organic colors and materials, etc.
  • Make sure that students follow all the precautionary measures while making artifacts
  • Organize exhibition and art competitions to motivate students to put in the best of their creativity
  • Assist and motivate students to participate in different art and craft activities, competitions, etc., put their work on display, and help them get the required exposure
  • Conduct field visits to different art and craft museums and discuss the variety of art in ceramics

Previous Work Experience:

A] Vivasol Art House, Hartford, CT (2006-2011)
Designation: Ceramics Craftsman
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Make different artifacts such as vases, pottery, tiles, etc., using clay, porcelain clay, bone china clay, etc.
  • Make artifacts as per the client's requirements, designs or specifications put forth by the client or production manager, etc.
  • Represent the organization in artifact exhibitions and auctions
  • Bring in innovation and creativity to fetch better prices and carve a niche for the company in the market


  • Certified Craftsman Course from Monalisa School of Art, Hartford, CT - 2006
  • High School Diploma from NMJ High School, Hartford, CT - 2005


  • Best Creativity Design Award for inter-state art and craft exhibition organized by Joanne Art Foundation


Simona P. Blue - Principal, JJ School of Fine Arts, Hartford, CT
106 Sunshine View Blvd.,
North West Swing Street,
Hartford, CT - 750158

Harry J, Husk - Chief Coach, Markus Mike Swimming Center
Mt. Edward Park Blvd.,
Duncan Brown Street,
Hartford, Ct - 750158


Lisa T. Ray

The ceramics teacher resume sample puts forth the skills and craftsmanship of the candidate, which helps him to convince the employer of his candidature. The candidate can also send some pictures of artifacts made by him, so as to further strengthen his candidature. When one attaches such visual cues with the resume or job application, his candidature is greatly strengthened. A candidate should thus include all the relevant information in the resume and be able to justify the same as and when asked. Draft your winning resume now and get ready for a flourishing career.

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