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Autism Teacher Resume

Autism is a disorder where the child is different from other children in many aspects. The child is highly introvert, likes to be in his own world, and does not mingle with people easily. However, this does not mean that such children are not talented or do not posses any skills. Autistic children can be highly skilled and talented. They just need special care and attention and are required to be dealt with care.

They could be very stubborn at times and it is very difficult to communicate with them. This is the only reason that these children need to be sent in special schools and require assistance from special education teachers or autism teachers. These teachers are skilled in working with such differently challenged students and possess the required patience and care to work with such students. Teachers working with these students have to be qualified in training students who need special attention and education and thus, need to possess a degree or certificate in the same sector.

The autism teacher resume sample given below will help you to get acquainted with the said position. It will also aid the aspiring candidates to present their candidature.

Pearl R. Muff
256 Meadowbrook Circle Road
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone: 310-858-5481

Career Objective:

Willing to work with children who need special guidance and care and use my teaching expertise developed over the years to help autism students to excel in their lives and grow up to be independent individuals.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 5 years in the field of teaching and relevant experience of 3 years, I have developed the skills and expertise of working with children needing special assistance and guidance. Presently employed with St. Mary's Special Education School, where I work with Autistic children, train them, take sessions for them, and help them groom to live a normal life.

Professional Skills Synopsis:

  • Excellent communication skills paired with a helping and friendly nature, which helps in developing a learning environment wherein the mutual give and take of knowledge is encouraged
  • Expertise in dealing with autism children with utmost patience, care, and love
  • Excellence in planning sessions and developing course materials, keeping in mind the requirements
  • Excellence in identifying the interests and talents of the children and working towards nourishing the same
  • Excellence in working as a mentor for the students and ensure that they not only succeed in academic life, but also excel in their personal lives
  • Expertise in art and craft and sharing skills and activities with the students. Knowledge of boosting certain skills that can later be pursued as a profession, helping students earn their livelihood out of their hobbies and skills

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: St. Mary's Special Education Elementary and High School, Los Angeles, CA (2011-till date)
Designation: Special Education Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the principal
  • Follow the schedule planned by the vice principal, coordinate with other teachers accordingly, and plan the sessions to be organized
  • Make presentations, other course material, notes, etc., based on the syllabus drafted for the students and incorporate the same in the class sessions
  • Encourage students, enhance their public speaking skills, motivate and work towards building their confidence, and improve their socializing skills
  • Motivate students to pursue their talents and skills such that they could make the utmost use of them and that their talents get the required recognition
  • Assign different art and craft projects and homework to students, review the same, assign grades, and appreciate special creative efforts taken by students to motivate them further

Previous Work Experience:

A] Michael Jeff Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA (2009-2011)
Designation: English and Math Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct sessions for students of grade IV, V, VI, and VII
  • Segregate the sessions based on the syllabus into practical and theoretical lectures
  • Conduct lab experiments, make use of presentations, and use static/working models to explain different scientific theories and concepts
  • Enhance the recitation and writing skills of students, boost their English communication skills, assist them in writing essays, participating in
  • English essay writing and debate competitions, etc.


  • Master of Special Education from St. Levitt's University, Los Angeles, CA - 2009
  • Master of Arts from St. Petersburg University, Los Angeles, CA - 2007
  • Bachelor of Arts from St. Petersburg University, Los Angeles, CA - 2005


Pearl R. Muff

An autism teacher resume should thus comprise of all the information pertaining to the candidate's teaching skills and expertise such that the employer could easily compare all the applications received for the said position. If your resume succeeds in presenting your skills effectively and convincing the employer that your candidature is the best for the said profile, you will definitely get a chance to reach the further rounds of the selection process.

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