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Athletics Teacher Resume

Athletics is an amalgamation of different sporting elements such as running, walking, jumping, throwing, etc. Athletes, if able to prove themselves on the track, can emerge as national heroes. But, this stardom cannot be attained overnight and a lot of contribution is needed from people who revolve around the life of an athlete. Among all, the person of most importance in an athlete's life is his athletics teacher, who prepares, shapes, and adds grace to the athlete's selected genre of sports.

Generally, track and field events, race walking, road running, and cross country running fall under the athletic competition categories. Intense training along with proper exercise schedule is part of an athlete's daily life and it is the duty of an athletics teacher to formulate a regular regime of these activities. However, it is not necessary that an athletics teacher has to always work exclusively for a sports academy. Even at school level, the athletics teachers are appointed. If you want a career in this profession, you need to be equipped with a well phrased athletic teacher resume before you start looking for new jobs in this sector.

Schools are the budding grounds for young athletes and often the first place where their talents are recognized in the initial stage of their careers. Hence, if you are willing to cherish, nurture, and rear these youngsters for their bright future, you have to be equally capable enough as an athletics teacher to make out their talents. Recruiters also look out for such teachers and the best way to impress them is through your resume.

A resume is the first instance of communication between you and your recruiter which provides a glimpse of your career background to him. Hence, it is extremely essential that you describe your previous athletics teacher job description details very intricately. Be humble in your approach when you write your resume and do not go overboard. However, make sure that you do not skip out the essential points. Keep your resume brief.

If you find it difficult to write a resume on your own and feel the need for some assistance in professional resume writing, you can refer this athletics teacher resume sample.

James J. McKinney
Address: 2102 Ritter Avenue
Southfield, MI 48034
Phone: 586-619-5841
Email Address:

Career Objective

My purpose is to seek a career as an athletics teacher, so that I can get an opportunity to spread my love of sports among the young athletes.

Key Skills

  • Ability to build rapport with athletes and get them organized to perform well
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Sound knowledge of all safety measures to be adopted during the training sessions
  • Complete awareness on how to deal with sports injuries

Educational Qualification

Bachelors in Athletic Training
Awarding Body - Boston University
Year of Passing - 2012

Work Experience

Designation: Athletics Teacher
Organization: Sherwood School
Duration: September 2012 - till date

Athletics Teacher Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide on field training to students and arrange training sessions for them
  • Plan event participation for students
  • Give demonstrations to students and answer their queries, if any
  • Keep a regular track of the inventory used during the training sessions
  • Maintain a close watch during the training sessions to ensure that the safety measures are not compromised
  • Observe the action of players and provide feedback on individual performances
  • Follow the rules and regulations and make certain that proper discipline is maintained

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Plan practice sessions to ensure maximum participation of students
  • Guide students on how to perform group activities such as relay performances efficiently
  • Boost the morale of students during practice sessions
  • Keep students informed about the drugs to be avoided during sporting events participation


English, Spanish, Celtic, French


Name: Ken A. Witkowski
Designation: Senior Athletics Teacher
Organization name: Sherwood School
Telephone number: 319-553-0502
Email Address:

Name: John L. Seger
Designation: Senior Athletics Teacher
Organization name: Sherwood School
Telephone number: 606-852-3097
Email Address:

We hope our tips and format of resume writing will help you to churn out an ideal resume. Never forget that you have devoted years of hard work to acquire the skills you possess. All you need to do is to market them before your recruiters in a presentable manner and the best way to achieve this is through a resume.

So, put your pen and paper together and get down to writing a resume immediately if you want to excel in your life!

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