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Assistant Professor Resume

A career in the academic field can be a good learning experience in itself. You have an option to become an assistant professor or associate professor or if you want to venture still farther into the academic field, you can choose to become a full fledged professor over a period of time. Always keep in mind that you can pervade this field only by beginning your career as an assistant professor.

Assistant professor is an entry level job position which can be achieved if you have successfully completed your doctoral level studies. You can continue in this position only for a period of three to seven years. However, before you try your hand at seeking the position of assistant professor, you need to get ready with a well written assistant professor resume. This will make your task of searching jobs a lot more easier.

Today, a doctoral degree is awarded in different subjects. This is the minimum requisite you will have to fulfill to become an assistant professor. There is a huge demand for assistant professor positions for different subjects and if you are qualified for the position, you can achieve the set benchmark with ease. You can be eligible for a promotion only after a considerable period of time. During this phase, you will have to constantly prove your eligibility through quality work and engagement in extensive research activities. Only then, you can earn tenure and avail your promotion to the rank of an associate professor.

However, the grant of tenure can vary from one university to another and depend on a number of factors such as the arena of study, etc. The entire phase of being an assistant professor is a valuable addition to your career and you can use the assistant professor job description in your resume when trying to vie for future promotions.

If you have any inhibitions about writing a resume for the assistant professor position, you can use the assistant professor resume sample given here and tailor it according to your requirements. A resume will highlight all your previous achievements as an assistant professor and also provide details about your areas of research in brief. This will help your recruiters to understand your true potential.

Refer to the following example for more information on resume writing.

Alta E. Sams
Address: 4444 Mulberry Lane
West Palm Beach, FL 33404
Phone: 561-881-3685
Email Address:

Career Objective

I am seeking a position as an assistant professor in your institution to pursue my interests in the field of academics and teach students to make them better informed about the particular subjects.

Key Skills

  • Known for possessing in-depth knowledge of various subjects
  • Known for establishing excellence in teaching
  • Well versed with the required written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to present the subject matter in a simplified manner before students
  • Sound knowledge of different computer applications

Educational Qualification

Doctoral Degree in Mathematics
Awarding Body - Cambridge University
Year of Passing - 2012

Work Experience

Designation: Assistant Professor (Mathematics)
Organization: Cambridge University
Duration: September 2012- till date

Assistant Professor Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

  • Conducting different learning activities such as lectures, demonstrations, workshops, and excursions as and when required
  • Providing proper feedback on students' performance to foster learning
  • Contributing to curriculum development and design of subjects and resources
  • Preparing learning support materials with the help of computer applications and other university resources

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Motivating students to perform well in their subjects
  • Complying with the policies and procedures of the university while dealing with students
  • Encouraging regular feedback from students and assisting them in the times of need
  • Ensuring strict discipline in the classrooms


Researches in the specialized fields of mathematics have been published in a journal. Can disclose details if required.


English, Spanish


Name: Eric L. Casey
Designation: Professor (Mathematics)
Organization name: Cambridge University
Telephone number: 570-655-1563
Email Address:

Name: Evan T. Lawson
Designation: Professor (Mathematics)
Organization name: Cambridge University
Telephone number: 989-923-7726
Email Address:

We hope our attempt to help you to carve out a suitable resume for assistant professor position will be beneficial for you. Here, you are provided with the guidelines and offered the basic template or format used for writing such resumes. Later, you can modify the information and adjust the details according to your requirements.

We wish you the very best for your job search and pray that your efforts will bear promising results in the form of a rewarding career!

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