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Assistant Pre School Teacher Resume

This resume example is a support documentation for preparing the best professional resume. It defines a strategic way of writing a resume that gives the right direction to your job search. The aim of this sample is to help you in writing a resume that consists all the vital information. This assistant preschool teacher resume sample focuses on every minute detail required in the process of writing a winning resume. You can update the sections of the sample to make your resume more effective and appealing. There is a fine combination of the style and content displayed here. The information provided holds relevancy to the job profile. This resume sample will definitely assist you in writing a resume that gets a job interview.

Assistant preschool teacher works for an institution which incorporates students below the age of five. The teacher plays a supportive role in handling the classroom activities. The main task of an assistant preschool teacher is to provide end to end support to the lead teacher in managing students or children.

The duties of an assistant preschool teacher include guiding and providing instructions in improving physical and developmental activities, preparing meals and feeding, assisting children in dressing, planning outdoor and classroom activities, evaluating the development of children at an emotional and physical level, preparing students' reports, organizing intellectual activities, making necessary arrangements for meetings, encouraging children to take part in the day-to-day activities, maintaining children attendance records, monitoring children in toileting, planning activities to ensure a safe environment, keeping the classroom in an organized and neat manner, and assisting the staff in planning activities for children.

It is necessary for an assistant preschool teacher to possess excellent knowledge of the school administrative policies and procedures, early childhood practices, and child educational environment. A bachelor's degree in early childhood education is required for this position. Assistant preschool teacher should have the ability to understand the child's body language and gestures.

Mac Dsouza
90 Cross St Avenue
Euless, Texas 79056
Phone: (555)-777-0945

Career Goal:

Hands-on experience in organizing children educational plans and cognitive behavioral patterns with diverse knowledge of child education planning. Seeking a responsible position as an assistant preschool teacher in an educational organization.

Relevant Knowledge & Abilities:

  • In-depth knowledge of early childhood development principles and curriculum development programs
  • Comprehensive knowledge of early childhood practices, child psychology, and cognitive behavior
  • Extensive knowledge of planning and implementing effective classroom activities
  • Excellent teaching, communicational, and organizational skills

Work Experience:

Employer: Liza School, Texas, 2012 till date
Designation: Assistant Pre School Teacher

  • Handle the task of planning and maintaining a safe and effective classroom environment
  • Shoulder the responsibility of assisting the head teacher in planning comprehensive educational programs that meet the educational objectives
  • Handle the work of preparing lesson plans and organizing intellectual activities to foster effective learning
  • Perform the responsibility of developing and implementing developmental assessment plans to identify the strengths and weak points of children
  • Handle the task of preparing child progress reports and maintaining confidential files of each child
  • Shoulder the responsibility of providing necessary instructions to meet the child educational requirements

Employer: Middle School, Texas, 2010 to 2012
Designation: Primary Teacher

  • Handled the responsibility of planning educational programs appropriate to the learning capabilities of children of various age groups
  • Performed the task of developing indoor and outdoor learning activities to achieve the educational mission statement
  • Performed the responsibility of maintaining attendance reports of children and developing behavioral development plans
  • Handled the job of developing and implementing early age curriculum and managing classroom activities
  • Executed the task of evaluating the development of children, both at the emotional and physical level
  • Handled the work of arranging parent meetings on a monthly basis

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education
New York Arts College, NY in the year 2010

On the surface level, writing a resume seems easy and simple. But things are not as easy as we assume. One needs to understand at least the main points that need to be highlighted. The resume example provided in the page tells all about writing a professional resume. This resume aims to educate job seekers in getting a job interview at the first attempt. Know that we have used a fictitious name and address to guide you on how to put the details in an accessible manner. The sample can be taken as a unique example for writing a successful resume.

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