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Architecture Teacher Resume

You might have come across several high rise buildings, skyscrapers, or some other beautifully constructed buildings. With the advancement in technology, human race today is coming up with innovative designs and every other day, you witness the architectural wonders. Being an architect, you not only become entitled for a highly paid salary, but also capable of putting your creative imagination at work.

None of the architectural ventures can become successful if you do not have a creative bent of mind. However, creativity cannot flourish in full bloom if you don't nurture and add finesse to it. To make this possible, you need the guidance of a good teacher and this is where the role of an architecture teacher magnifies. Make sure that when you apply for such job vacancies, you pay proper attention to your architecture teacher resume. A proficient architecture teacher can groom students in different ways. Hence, if you want to see yourself in this position, prepare to shoulder some important responsibilities, as your students' careers depend on how efficiently you teach them the fundamentals of architecture. As a teacher of architecture, your main responsibilities would be to make students aware about the basic principles of architecture and inform them about the architectural history and design concepts.

Architecture has undergone tremendous change in the last two decades. People from varied backgrounds are taking up this profession and as a result, the influx of ideas from different genres of people has increased. If you want to take up a career as an architecture teacher, it would be in your interest to keep track of the changes and updates in the architectural world and follow related journals and books closely. This will also help you to deliver better when you plan your lessons.

A well phrased architecture teacher job description, if included in your resume, can augment your chances of getting good job offers. So, never consider resume writing to be an ordeal or shelve it unnecessarily. Always remember, you will get a job only when your recruiters consider you suitable enough for the position. This can happen only when your resume has that extra zing to make you stand apart from other candidates.

You can also refer to this architecture teacher resume sample for more assistance.

Keena R. Edington
Address: 3906 Irving Road
Zanesville, OH 43701
Phone: 740-452-5541
Email Address:

Career Objective

My objective is to seek a career as an architecture teacher and indulge students in creative practices, so as to help them emerge as innovative architects.

Key Skills

  • Ability to communicate ideas to students through visuals
  • Excellent artistic skills and ability to draw efficiently
  • Thorough knowledge of different computer programs to impart information
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Known for being exceptionally organized in teaching students

Educational Qualifications

Doctoral Degree in Architecture
Awarding body - University of Florida
Year of Passing- 2012

Work Experience

Designation: Architecture Teacher
Organization: Cornell University
Duration: November 2012 - till date

Architecture Teacher Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

  • Prepare classroom schedules for students adhering to the lesson plans and projects
  • Assess the annual performance of students
  • Monitor student participation in the ongoing research projects
  • Evaluate the work of students within the classroom
  • Counsel students to resolve their doubts

Secondary Responsibility

  • Active participation in the research projects of the department, if any
  • Assist the library staff in attaining journals and books on architecture for the benefit of students
  • Take disciplinary action against students if found to be misbehaving
  • Maintain close coordination with the head of department (HOD) and other staff members


English, German


Name: Henry V. Besser
Designation: Head of the Department (Architecture)
Organization name: Cornell University
Telephone number: 262-360-5592
Email Address:

Name: Sandra N. Fitzgibbon
Designation: Senior Professor (Architecture)
Organization name: Cornell University
Telephone number: 425-344-9832
Email Address:

Job prospects for the architecture teachers are steady at the moment, as this a growing industry. Competition is equally intense because there is incessant demand of highly qualified professionals and the number of candidates to apply for such vacancies is huge. Under these circumstances, the only way to excel and create a niche for your candidature is by crafting an outstanding resume. If you bag the job, you can be sure of a lucrative salary. Overall, the job of an architecture teacher is very appealing.

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