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Archeology Teacher Resume

Archaeologists dig the ground deep to find out hidden mysteries. Unlike the archaeologist's comics or stories we've read which talk about people who just dig grounds to find hidden treasures, the life of actual archaeologists differ hugely. They do work towards finding out hidden truths and facts about the earth, different cultures hidden below the earth's crust, etc., however, their role is not just digging the earth, but also analyzing and studying the materials found. To do this job, one needs thorough knowledge, skills, and qualifications pertaining to the said field.

To become an archaeologist, one needs to posses a degree and work as an intern with an archeology firm. Some colleges provide special degree courses in the same. The teachers teaching this subject are known as archeology teachers. The archeology teacher resume sample given below will help you to understand the job profile of an archeology teacher and the aspiring candidates can use it as a reference to draft their resumes.

Judith T. Matt
1st White Wings Layman Street
Hartford, CT 75075
Phone: 889-758-5525

Career Objective:

Willing to be a part of any of the renowned institutes of Connecticut or Iowa, wherein I can use my expertise to help the budding talents and aspiring candidates to sharpen their skills and grow up to be successful archaeologists.

Career Summary:

I am presently working with St. Peter's Institute of Anthropology, Hartford, CT as an archeology teacher. Prior to this, I worked with Xavier's College, offering degree course in anthropology and trained students to become successful archaeologists.

Over the years, I have developed the skills and expertise of working as a guide or mentor for the budding talents and helping to drive students to achieve the goals of their lives. I also have a considerable experience of 2 years with Mexus Anthropology Firm, Hartford, CT, wherein I learned the art by putting to use all my theoretical knowledge gained over the years.

Professional Skills Synopsis:

Niche Skills -

  • Excellent speaker and mentor and holds great explanation skills
  • Expertise in understanding the requirements of a concept, subject, and the students and planning sessions accordingly such that the sessions just don't turn up to be theoretical mugging up of concepts
  • Expertise in training students in practical application of the concepts learned in the class
  • Expertise in conducting field experiments and ensuring that students benefit out of the same
  • Excellent knowledge of different cultures of the world, ancient civilizations, museums of the world, etc.
  • Well-acquainted with the evaluation patterns, course structures, and vocational application of a subject
  • Exceptionally good communication skills and expertise in explaining the concepts to students in a way that they develop further interest in the subject
  • Highly enthusiastic approach towards life

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: St. Peter's Institute of Anthropology, Hartford, Connecticut (2012-till date)
Designation: Archeology Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the chief of the institute
  • Plan regular sessions based on the syllabus drafted for students
  • Use the field experience to help students understand different concepts and analysis pertaining to archeology
  • Explain the concepts and study of fossils, flora and fauna, etc., to students such that they could easily analyze the treasure hidden below the earth's crust
  • Teach excavation methods to students in a way that they do not damage anything while digging out secrets from the earth's crust
  • Help students enhance their knowledge and understanding of different cultures by motivating them to study different cultures, lifestyles, etc., which all helps in the analysis of excavations
  • Assign different projects and assignments to students, help or guide them in completing the same, evaluate the same, assign grades, and provide feedback to students
  • Conduct regular theoretical tests and surprise examinations
  • Draft test papers and exam papers and monitor the class during tests/exams, ensuring that there is no cheating done in the class

Previous Work Experience:

A] Mexus Anthropology Firm, Hartford, CT (2010-2012)
Designation: Anthropology Executive
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the senior manager
  • Work on sites, monitor excavations, and study the excavated goods
  • Use proper methods, techniques, equipment, tools, chemicals, etc., to clean and preserve the excavated goods such that they facilitate the study further without indulging into the evidences attached to them
  • Before beginning with the excavations in any region, study the culture, topography, lifestyle, habits, etc., of the region and use the same to analyze the materials procured in excavations
  • Ensure that no environment law or any other regulation is broken while excavating a certain area and make sure that the required permission is received before beginning the work in that particular area
  • Oversee the excavation task, ensure that nothing is damaged during excavation, and make sure that no one cheats or tampers with the goods discovered in the excavation
  • Click pictures of goods while excavating from different angles and use the same for study and analysis. This also helps in keeping a track of all the excavation activities


  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) with honors in Anthropology from St. Park's University, Hartford, Connecticut - 2008
  • Master of Education (M.Ed) (distance learning program) from St. Park's University, Hartford, Connecticut - 2010


Janet P. Mike - Senior Manager, Mexus Anthropology Firm
12th Lake Shine Blvd.,
South West Street,
Waukegan, Illinois - 60012


Judith T. Matt

The archeology teacher resume sample will help a candidate willing to apply for a similar job to draft a resume and put forth his candidature to the prospective employer. The sample given above clearly explains the candidate's professional expertise and academic background, which helps him to create the right impression on the employer and thus, get a positive response from the employer's end. If you too wish to get a similar positive response for your job application, make your resume as effective as you can. Besides, don't forget to add a competitive cover letter to improve your chances.

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