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Anthropology Teacher Resume

An anthropology teacher resume demonstrates your proficiency in academic training within the field of cultural, linguistic, and biological anthropology and archeology. It highlights your knowledge in humanities, social and natural sciences, cultural origins etc., while placing your interests and aspirations for the reader's taking.

Where your motive lies in gaining the recruiter's confidence, you need to craft your resume in such a way that it effectively connects to the employer's needs. All the qualities and skill sets that you quote should address the requirements laid down by the employer. Your application will comprise of two fundamental documents, namely the resume and cover letter, where the latter is what the recruiters tend to review first. Both, the resume and cover letter need to be employer-centered.

Before you start

An easy way to know what the recruiters expect to see in your application is by contacting the institute and discussing their needs to introduce them in your application. This will help you to analyze what you need to present in your resume and organize all the details accordingly. Make a list of all the job roles that you have performed during your previous employments and cross out those that possess low value with respect to the specifications of the job you're seeking. In the sample of anthropology teacher resume shown below, you'll see that it starts with the candidate's contact details immediately followed by a career objective.

Career objective

The career objective is comprised of one or two sentences and acts as an official title if essential details pertaining to your professional qualifications are mentioned. As shown in the sample, include your current designation and areas of expertise while attempting to bridge the gap between your interests and the employer's vision. It would be a good idea to visit the institute's website and understand their vision statement.

Summarizing your profile

Following the objective, include a profile summary where you need to summarize your previous work experience within 6-8 points, highlighting each point using bullets for better visibility. Where the objective aims to capture the reader's attention, you need to craft your profile summary in such a way that it encourages the recruiter to cling on to your application.

As a matter of fact, you need to eliminate all the general job roles that you've carried out, so that your resume stays specific to the job description of the position that you're applying for. If you have a lot of information to quote, try incorporating two or more details into one sentence, thus facilitating optimal space planning and an easy, quick, and highly informative reading experience.

Similarly, mention your best skill sets, considering essential tips for effective sentence construction from the resume sample included in the article. While you're at the employment section, you need not list your previous job descriptions, as you have already summarized them earlier in the resume. Simply follow the arrangement illustrated in the example. Also, the educational details need not be elaborated.

In case you have any accomplishments to mention, you may feature them in a separate section following your educational details or even include them next to the details of the employer with which your achievements are associated. Some institutions may require you to provide references, in which case, you need to include the details of any two professionals you've worked with, who can provide a feedback to the employer on your performance. Otherwise, do as shown in the example below.

Jennifer J. Osborn
40 Better Street
Kansas City, KS 64108
(913) 271-8494


A teacher experienced in teaching courses in anthropology, seeking an opportunity to utilize the best of skills and help the nation advance with the academic growth of young minds while ensuring prominence of your institute and its quality of teaching.

Profile Summary:

  • Involved in intensive research in cultural, linguistic, and biological anthropology and published all findings in instructional journals and academic books
  • Stays updated with recent developments within the field by referring to literature, exchanging information with colleagues, and being a part of continuous professional training and conferences
  • Prepared and conducted lectures for undergraduate students on modules such as urban anthropology, research techniques, etc., shedding some light on different languages and cultures
  • Handled the work of assessing the students' class work, assignments, and examination papers
  • Initiated classroom discussions, facilitated student debates, and assigned group projects
  • Prepared grants and proposals in order to acquire external funding for academic research
  • Compiled course materials into syllabi, self-study handouts, and electronic media
  • Engaged in constant planning and revision of course content, curricula, and study materials, adopting the effective methods of instruction

Skills and Abilities:

  • Highly motivated, confident, and energetic with the ability to keep students inspired to learn more
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, facilitating smooth and friendly interaction with students as well as the faculty and superiors
  • Ability to use logic and rational reasoning to identify and analyze queries and subsequently provide solutions or conclusions
  • Active listening skills and proficient in verbal as well as written communication
  • Ability to use scientific principles for solving problems and queries and innovate interesting methods for teaching and mentoring
  • Effective time and stress management skills and highly efficient in analyzing individual performance and growth in terms of academic knowledge

Work Experience:

2012 - 2014
KCK Community College - Kansas City, KS
Teacher - Environmental Studies

2009 - 2012
Donnelley College - Kansas City, KS
Vocational English Teacher

2007 - 2009
Wise Writers and Speakers - Kansas City, KS


Associate's degree in Anthropology, 2007
University of Kansas - Kansas City, KS
Secured 71%

Masters in English Education, 2005
University of Kansas - Kansas City, KS
Placed in grade B+

Bachelor's degree in English (Humanities included), 2003
University of Kansas - Kansas City, KS
Placed in Grade A


Available on request

Drafting a resume becomes uncomplicated if you follow an appropriately build resume sample. Improve your chances of getting selected for your desired job interview by following the illustration supplied here.

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