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After School Teacher Resume

One cannot stress enough on how much a resume is important when it comes to job hunting. After all, it is the resume which creates the first impression. If the resume is good then the first impression of the candidate applying for a vacant job position in a company is bound to be good. Likewise, it is true vice versa if the resume is bad. It is for this reason that one should construct a resume while taking a great deal of care. On the following page, we will discuss about the construction of an after school teacher resume. We will make sure that we properly teach you on how to put together a proper and functional resume with the help of an after school teacher resume sample. But first, let us look at some work related information pertaining to the profession of an after school teacher.

Job Specifics

After school teacher is a slightly vague term, as it may refer to a post where the job duties vary to a certain extent. As we see below, there are mainly two types of after school teachers:

I. One type incorporates the after school teachers who have been hired by high schools, junior high schools, colleges, and universities to conduct extra classes for those students who have trouble completing their homework. Special programs and assignments are usually devised specially for such students by the after school teachers. So in this sense, these after school teachers serve as "after school tutors".

II. The other kind of after school teachers includes those who are hired to conduct lessons on topics of public awareness and those subjects which are socially relevant to the youth. These teachers are required to guide the students through understanding and by accepting public service messages of a social, cultural, or health related background.

Educational Requirements

After school teachers are hired even if they only have a high school diploma, but are proved to be dynamic and competent during the interview. However, a huge preference is given to those candidates who have a bachelor or master's degree in education from any reputed college or university.

Now let us look at a sample of after school teacher resume. Note that the contents of this resume sample is copyrighted, so we advice you not to plagiarize it word for word, but instead use it as a guiding template while preparing your own resume.

William M. Shuster
3093 Oak Street, Massena, NY 13662
Phone: 315 - 321 - 8971
Email ID:


To inspire positive changes in social and hygiene related attitudes of the young minds across the country by being hired as an After School Teacher by an after school programs coordinating company.

Profile & Relevant Skills

  • Assisted children who need special care and attention
  • Flexible with shifting time periods when it comes to conducting after school classes
  • Equally comfortable with traveling the length and breadth of a particular state to conduct classes if the program coordinating company happens to be a traveling one
  • Broad and in-depth knowledge of the current issues faced by the youth, which comprise the topics of most after school sessions
  • Good ability to think of reasonable solutions for the aforementioned problems as well as make impassioned speeches to the gathered youth, suggesting them to follow the correct path when it comes to making decisions regarding social or health care

Previous Work Experience

After School Teacher, McKinley High School Program, Natchitoches, LA

In the time period between July 2009 to April 2014, served as an After School Teacher working for the after school programs organized and funded by the school. The duties consisted of the following:

  • Created a lesson schedule for the students based on the plans provided by the after school program coordinators
  • Designed programs in such a way that they were primed for the easy understanding and acceptance on behalf of the students
  • Took into consideration the visual impact and personal relatability on behalf of the students while framing the lessons in these programs
  • Helped in the creation of programs designed specifically for special needs students, including thorough instructions for the after school tutors to conduct the programs in efficient, fruitful ways
  • Followed government laid moral and ethical rules and regulations as strictly as possible
  • Guided students who had trouble completing their homework with tips for completing their assignments on time and with much improved results

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in Education, Rutgers University, New Jersey | Batch of 2009

Just remember that individuality and creativity is taken into consideration when the recruiters are looking to hire an after school teacher. So, make sure that your after school teacher resume reflects both these aspects of yours thoroughly!

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