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Sourcing Consultant Resume

With wide gained experience and practices, at handling supply and sourcing functions, sourcing consultants provide the clients with the best services to serve their need based requirements. Hence, they take calculated risks, and work as an intermediary between the clients and the outsourcing companies. Thus, good customer relationship management, strong negotiating power, and good management abilities are some of the most essential requisites of the position.

So, while applying for the post, let the sample sourcing consultant resume reflect your prior working experiences and practices at handling outsourcing functions. Such outsourcing can be in connection with materials supply, or different kind of resources including human resources. Hence, depending on your field of interest, the given offer, and your prior working exposure determine the things your resume needs to contain. Have a systematized development of content, to build an effective resume. Have a look at the generalized role or duties which a sourcing consultant is assumed to discharge, as a part of routinized functions. First, comprehend the job requirements well, to offer the best results.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Receiving company orders, and matching the supplies, accordingly. Ensuring quick and speedy outsourcing to ascertain on time delivery of goods and materials
  • Identifying the changing work environment and market requirements well, to offer the clients with an effective feedback monitoring system
  • Providing the clients with the materials of exact specifications, and monitoring well development of procedural formalities
  • Supervising and controlling outsourcing functions, to serve the client's customized requirements, by providing effective technology-based solutions
  • Offering highly efficient and quick service system to accelerate business development, and reducing the firm's investments in idle inventory
  • Carry out in-depth analysis of the materials, doing quality check, and ensuring quick inspection functions to ascertain quality aspects

Thus, with the key focus on cost reduction and quality supply of materials and resources, outsourcing consultants offer the clients with the required advisory assistance, to manage and administer the outsourcing deals. So, pay considerable attention on listing the key skills and accomplishments in the field, to offer efficient consulting services.

Jackie M. Ashby
1574 Ottis Street
Dibble, OK 73031
Phone: 342-672-1945
Email Address:


Seeking for the sourcing consultant position, where I can serve the organizational requirement to access wide customer base, and provide them with highly developed entrepreneurial mindset, to understand market developments, to serve their strategic business development needs and requirements.


  • Worked as an Assistant Sourcing Consultant for the period of 3 years
  • Professional competence at managing good customer relationship management functions
  • Wide ranging practices at carrying out sourcing functions
  • Extensive experience at managing procedural developments and settlement of deals


  • Effective business management skills with strong communication abilities
  • Problem solving nature with strong negotiating power
  • Abilities to head and lead a team
  • Good application oriented mind with critical thinking abilities
  • Excellent comprehensive and administration abilities to tackle with project management functions

Technical skills:

  • Practiced at handling Microsoft Office functions management
  • Effective handling of 3-D designing and drafting
  • Good at operating database management (DBMS) functions


  • Masters in Business Administration from New Jersey Institute of Technology, with majors in Materials Management 2002
  • Bachelors in Business Management from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in 2000
  • Completed an Advanced Diploma course in Business Sourcing and Strategic Management
  • Attended a training program on developing research abilities, to identify growing market needs and developments, to offer highly efficient and customized services

Professional experience:

REIT Sourcing Consulting Industries Pvt. Ltd. Beaumont, TX
Designation: An Assistant Sourcing Consultant

2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities:

  • Identified the client's requirements and needs, with respect to quality and materials specifications to ensure the same
  • Ascertained effective strategies and procedural developments to plan business operations and issues
  • Worked and led a dynamic sourcing team to attain the organizational objectives, ensuring strict conformance to organizational policies and procedures
  • Collected demands and solved the customer queries by establishing a strong and mutually satisfying relationship
  • Supervised and monitored organizational procurement functions, to develop a variety of management programs

OUTE Sourcing Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Desdemona, TX
Designation: An Assistant Sourcing Consultant

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Recorded and processed the client needs and demands to link demand-supply analysis, effectively
  • Managed good customer relationship functions to ascertain strong and sustainable business development
  • Identified customer requirements well, while handling strategic sourcing decisions
  • Provided the clients with ready and available customer basis, to satisfy their market based needs and demands
  • Supplied the clients with the needed feedback, to have an effective decision support system


  • Recipient of 'The Best Coordinator of the Year 2009' award for linking all the essential procurement functions effectively, and administering successful deals
  • Received 'The Best Performer of the Year 2010' for accomplishment of the given sourcing targets, and establishing industry level benchmarks


  • Affiliated to a club, formed to identify changing work environment needs and challenges to face them competently
  • An active participant of a group formed to create environmental awareness and to generate effective practices that ensure conservation of environmental balance

Mobility and Flexibility:

Mobile and adaptable to serve changing work environment requirements, with strategic handling of matters. Application oriented, and a proactive approach to forecast market trends and act accordingly.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Jackie M. Ashby

In this way, while writing a sourcing consultant resume, adequately discuss effective management and decision making skills, to lead proper development of organizational operations. Stress on technical excellence to supervise and plan the sourcing associated matters well. Link your internal capacities with the external environment demands, to ensure operational flexibility.

Thus, communicate your commendable performances at handling customer management functions, and portray a convincing profile that fits into organizational requirements. Try to establish and develop positive correlation between your profile summary and the things the employer is searching for. Discuss your abilities to coordinate and manage sourcing issues. Strategic handling of technical and procedural developments, is essential to settle the transactions, effectively.

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