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Software Consultant Resume

Your resume acts as your image, describing your skills and assets to the recruiter, and makes him aware about your potentiality and capabilities. If you possess the expertise and skills of a Software Consultant, and are willing to apply for the post, you must first design a Software Consultant resume that gives an all round reflection of your ability to be a successful consultant in the field of softwares and be a valuable asset for the firm.

A Software Consultant is a person who provided solutions and recommendations in areas related to computer softwares and programming. He is primarily assigned to overview system softwares and programs, and provide solutions in areas that require development. Although you may be an expert in analyzing, consulting, and in making recommendations, but if you are not able to represent your self appropriately in front of the employer, there is a possible chance of you being rejected during the application process.

So in order to alter that situation of rejection in your job application, you must furnish an appealing and persuasive resume, that attracts the attention of the recruiter in a positive manner. A resume is an official document, and must be written appropriately such that it meets the current standards of resume presentation, and stands strongly in terms of professionalism with a touch of creativity as well. Below are some important tips that will help you in writing a resume that will reflect your potential for working as a Software Consultant.

Tips for writing an effective Software Consultant Resume

  • Format: An appropriate format is required when you construct a resume. For making your resume noticeable and appealing, choose a lay out design through which you can portray your assets and skills effectively. Format makes your resume organized, and recruiter will be more inclined to read if, the format used is appealing and innovative.

  • Advertise yourself: You must write you resume in such fashion that it advertises yourself effectively in the eyes of the recruiter. You must write down your skills and assets, and mention about your academic and professional pursuits that explains your area of expertise.

  • Be brief and concise: You must put all the necessary information in your resume, and it should not possess any unnecessary data that is irrelevant to the post. It must also be of appropriate length, and should not be too lengthy. You can use bulleted points, and shrink long sentences and paragraphs.

  • Use professional tone and easy text: The resume should possess a formal tone, and you have to write it in active voice. You must use simple words and phrases, that is easy to read and interpret.

  • Make it error free: Your resume must be error free, and you should proof read your resume several times before drafting it to the recruiter.

Below is a sample Software Consultant resume that will help guide you in understanding the format, and writing techniques involved in writing one.

Sample Software Consultant Resume

William C. Warren
2983 Rollins Road
Imperial, NE 69033
Telephone: 292 99992929

Career Objective: Looking forward to pursue a career in Software Consulting, where I can use my skills and expertise in providing solutions and recommendations for the better working, and healthy progress of the firm.

Profile Summary: With an experience of 4 years in the field of Software Consulting, I had the privilege to work with two of the most prestigious organization present in the contemporary era. I have performed different types of responsibilities as a Software Consultant, and thus I have gained quality work experience.

Skills and expertise:

General Skills

  • Possess excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Expertise in handling and management of clients
  • Possess excellent time and work management skills
  • Expertise in analyzing situations and recommending plans and programs for improvement

Technical Skills

  • Possess excellent expertise in areas like Windows Runtime, Silverlight SDK, Microsoft Windows Forums and Services
  • Expertise in platforms like Microsoft Windows, OS X, UNIX, Macintosh, Aneroid, and Windows Phone
  • Proficient in Mozilla Platform, interfacing and embedding of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Add-ons, etc.
  • Expertise in developing tools and environments like Microsoft Visual Studio, VMWare Workstation, Bounds Checker, etc.

Professional Experience:

Firm: Amazon Software
Duration: April 2010 - May 2012

  • Design and implement algorithms
  • Helped in the development of mail servers
  • Implemented Prototype server
  • Handled client based works and assignments
  • Provided training to new entrants in fields including Java, C, C++, PASCAL, scripting etc.

Firm: Globus Info Tech Lid.
Duration: January 2008 - April 2010

  • Primarily assigned to consult with clients and analyze their requirement
  • Designed different types of network protocol
  • Designed plans and programs for solving client related issues

Academic History:

  • Completed Masters in Software Applications from New York University in 2007.
  • Completed Bachelors in Computer Applications from New York University 2005.

Personal Interests: Book reading, traveling, net surfing, etc.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Enclosures: Resume, Appreciation letter.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

The above sample and tips provided for writing a software consultant resume will surely provide considerable access, and help to those having difficulty in writing their own resume, submit an appropriate resume.

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