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SAP Consultant Resume

Resource management is one of the vital aspects in any organization. To perfectly manage the resources and assets the organization implements various techniques and programs. The Human Resource department in any organization has to handle the human resource of the organization with the help of HRM (Human Resource Managers). What if the same thing is done using a software? - SAP products and tools are utilized to manage the resources using a software. It may be called as a business software, which has the provision of preparing a software for resource management. You may as well know that the SAP consulting is the highest paying job. The different job opportunities in SAP are - SAP consultant, SAP technician, SAP business analyst. The best part about this job is even during economic downturn SAP consultants are not sacked as they form the backbone of the organization during crisis. The average salary of a SAP professional is $94,000. If you are one of the aspirants applying for the position of SAP consultant, and facing a dilemma of how to write a SAP consultant resume, then read on to get a clear picture of the resume writing style. Generally, SAP consultants with two to three years of experience are preferred for senior posts as compared to freshmen. Take a look at the resume given below:

SAP Consultant Resume Sample

Ruth J. Winchester
78, 90th floor
1806 Meadow Drive
East Helena, MT 59635
Contact number: 872-943-5453
Email Address:

Career Objective:

To work as a SAP consultant in an organization where I would be able to utilize my education and experience in SAP to boost output from the company resources.

Career Summary:

I have worked as an Assistant SAP consultant in KNJK Software Groups Pvt. Ltd., for 3 years. I later joined SOFTWRAESOL Groups Pvt. Ltd., as a Business analyst (SAP) where I worked for 4 years.

Educational Details:

  • Masters of Business Administration, State University of East Helena, East Helena, MT
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, State University of East Helena, East Helena, MT
  • St. Anna's High School, High School certificate, East Helena, MT

Work Experience:

Industry: KNJK Software Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Assistant SAP consultant
Duration: 3 years


  • To write codes for the business plans
  • Responsible to give presentations to the Executive SAP Consultant and the team regarding the strategy followed for business
  • Responsible to train the interns in SAP software
  • Responsible to trouble shoot business management issues
  • To suggest new ways to increase business productivity
  • Responsible to interact with the Business Analyst and prepare an excel sheet and presentation of the complete analysis done
  • Responsible for monitoring the SAP modules

Industry: SOFTWRAESOL Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Business analyst (SAP)
Duration: 4 years


  • To act as a mentor for SAP support team
  • To assign code modules and deadlines for the same
  • Responsible to analyze the business analysis plan and suggest proper steps to increase company profits
  • Responsible to report to the Senior Business Analyst(SAP) regarding the steps and procedure along with the algorithm for acknowledgement
  • Responsible to work in SAP Fi /CO
  • Responsible to meet clients and understand client business requirements
  • Responsible to code in OOPs (Object Oriented Programming) concept at times
  • To train Junior Analysts in SAP coding techniques

Certifications and Skills:

  • SUN JAVA Certified professional
  • Expert in OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) concepts
  • Good communication skills

Awards and Achievements:

  • Won "Sack the SAP" inter-company competition held at SOFTWRAESOL Groups Pvt. Ltd.
  • International member of SAP committee

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 12, September 1977
Languages Known: English, Korean, Spanish, German, French
Hobbies: Adventure sports, ski-diving, skiing, singing, dancing


  1. Gordon V. Pena
    2107 Godfrey Road
    New York, NY 10036
    Email Address:
    Contact Number: 652-443-5456

  2. Kimberly V. Glover
    1410 Glory Road
    Mc Minnville, TN 37110
    Contact Number: 6521-323-4342

The sample SAP consultant resume here covers the required points in a resume. Also, it would be beneficial if you put your experience in programming and internship details. Specify the SAP tools you have worked on and the algorithms in brief if asked by the employer. General things to remember is to check spellings, grammar and flow of the events you have mentioned. Do not forget to mention the awards you have received as it will be an added advantage. Be ready with a hard copy of the resume even if the employer has demanded soft-copy (you might require it during your interview!).

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