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Risk Consultant Resume

Risk consultants have an in-depth understanding of the market conditions and situational demands. They are specialized at carrying out analysis and market research to understand the business risk exposures and potential threats and opportunities. It is done with a variety of advanced tools and techniques; such SWOT (S-Strength, W-Weakness, O-Opportunity and T-Threat) analysis provides them with the useful information to have effective decision making functions. It provides them confidence, and supplements their expert knowledge with the additional information. Hence, while applying for such a position, try to cover the technical expertise at analyzing market position and requirements.

Here is an attempt to define some of the major responsibilities relating to the position. Go through them to get useful guidance to draft your resume.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Analyzing market conditions and changes to identify potential threats and opportunities to the existing business
  • Calculating the risk exposure and trying to solve the issues associated to risk factor
  • Assess essential information and data to facilitate comparison and offer the management with the highly relevant knowledge
  • Carrying out SWOT analysis to offer the management with the necessary exactness and enhance environment sustainability of business
  • Keeping track record of market changes and performing financial and technical analysis to determine future market trends
  • Supplementing the strategist with the essential information to serve their decision making purpose, and boost their business performance

Thus, a risk management consultant is responsible for analyzing risk exposures, and providing the clients with the useful information to serve their business management and development purpose.

Here is a sample risk consultant resume, dealing with the risk analysis and risk management functions. You can use it as a guideline, while drafting your own resume.

Stanley P. Carter
1256 Spruce Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15251
Phone: 843-343-9432
Email Address:


Wide gained knowledge at handling market research and analysis functions, made it possible for me to provide highly effective and efficient services as a risk consultant that will provide the clients with the useful evaluated information to serve their sustainable market development objectives.


  • Worked as financial market analyst and consultant, for a period of 5 years
  • Assisted risk management consultant for 2 years
  • Proficiently handled market research and analyst functions
  • Completed a 4 year apprenticeship program as an assistant risk consultant
  • Handled a wide range of operational assignments to design effective frameworks
  • Well equipped with advanced analytical tools and techniques to calculate risk exposure


  • Sound research and analytical abilities with necessary comprehensive approach
  • Strong management and organization skills
  • Familiarity with advanced analytical tools and techniques
  • Capable of handling independent research projects and consulting jobs
  • Good technical and strategic handling of market issues
  • Critical thinking and problem solving expertise to offer the organization with technology based solutions

Technical skills:

  • Gained expertise at handling Microsoft Office functions management
  • Well acquainted with Auto CAD (Automated Computer Aided Designing) functions
  • Proficient at operating database management (DBMS) functions


  • Bachelors in Accounting and Finance Management from Carnegie Mellon University in 2000
  • Masters in Business Administration from the University of Western States, with majors in Finance and Risk Management in 2002
  • Completed an Advanced Diploma course in Risk Analysis and Management
  • Attended a training program on 'Developing critical thinking abilities to analyze market trends and developments to design business framework'

Professional experience:

TERU Risk Consulting Industries Pvt. Ltd. Chicago, IL
designation: Risk Consultant And Manager
2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities

  • Supervising market developments and conditions to analyze the future market trends
  • Offering the clients with the exact and accurate calculated reports, to serve their decision making need
  • Assisting the management with administration support functions by calculating business risk exposure, and providing effective solution to solve the issues
  • Applied disciplinary and economical theories and practices to analyze market trends and offering market research analysis reports
  • Providing the organization with the competitive business frameworks, to serve regulatory requirements

TROE Business Consulting Industries Pvt. Ltd. Eugene, OR
Designation: Risk Consultant
Role and Responsibilities

  • Calculated business performance, and the market based risk exposure to offer the clients with effective business decision support system
  • Analyzed market risk, operational risk, business risk, etc., to identify the critical business issues and potential threats in the near future
  • Carried out a variety of analytical functions with SWOT analysis, financial and technical analysis etc., to determine the industry specific risk exposures
  • Provided the clients with operational analysis, and useful advisory support to solve business sustainability and development


  • Recipient of 'The Best Researcher of the Year 2010' award for accomplishing effective industry surveys, and provided the clients with highly essential knowledge and tactics to deal with industry specific risk exposures.


  • Affiliated to a club, discussing current market developments and risk exposures to face business challenges, and tackle market demands with the effective feedback monitoring system.
  • Affiliated to a social organization created for generating environmental awareness, and developing useful business applications and practices for sustainable business development, that goes hand in hand with preservation of ecological concerns.

Mobility and Flexibility:

Flexible and adaptable approach to look at technological developments, and ability to face challenges effectively. Quite mobile and adjustable to the changing environment demands and requirements.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Stanley P. Carter

In this way, risk consultant is accountable for handling market analysis and evaluation functions to offer the clients with advisory decision support system, that will serve their objective of sustainable development. Hence, while writing risk consultant resume, highlight your familiarity and practices to use advanced tools and techniques to carry out effective market research.

Thus, utilize your prior working experiences in the field to calculate business exposures, and offer the management with the best consulting services to face the changing environment challenges. Focus the apprenticeship or internship projects that you accomplished to refine your analytical skills and proficiency. Let your resume reflect your skills and accomplishments in the field, to attract the recruiter's attention.

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