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Research Consultant Resume

Research consultants have in depth understanding of the particular area or sector in which they providing consulting services. Such consulting services can be hired for numerous objectives, right from educational project research, market research to clinical and medication research. Hence, depending on the field of interest, you need to relate your prior working performances in the field and assert your strong comprehensive and critical thinking abilities to provide effective judgments.

Thus, create a research consultant resume that will justify your in depth understanding of conducting market research and knowledge about the different research methods and techniques that can serve your research objectives. So, bring correlation between your profile summary, prior working experiences in the field, and the advanced research techniques knowledge to deal with market research. Here are some of the major responsibilities of a research consultant, which will assist you to draft more comprehensive and consistent resume; you can go through them to learn more about the positional requirements.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Working with a variety of manufacturing industries as a part of providing effective consultation services that will contribute to their market research objective and providing them with the knowledge to serve their decision making objective
  • Providing advisory support to select sample size, population, samples, preparing questionnaires, and deciding the useful research methodologies for the same
  • Carrying out overall market survey to determine the needs and requirements of research and provide the management with the best possible results
  • Assisting the clients to define their research objective with respect to sales, marketing, and determining potential opportunities and threats to the business
  • Providing useful information about the data collection techniques and methodologies that can best serve the customized requirements of the research projects
  • Estimating the research project budget and keeping track record of the same
  • Offering supervising and monitoring support to ascertain accomplishment of the research objectives in the most effective manner

Thus, let your resume objective displays your talent to monitor effective development of research projects and generation of useful information that would serve the management objective of decision making.

Here is a sample resume which will provide you the necessary guidance to draft your sample research consultant resume and cover expertise in the field.

Sung P. Bedford
4786 Walnut Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 473-435-9836
Email Address:


With a wide ranging experience in the field of education and market research, I wish to enhance my growth opportunities by achieving new heights into the field of research consultation and offer my expertise knowledge into the field to assist the clients to gain their respective research objectives.


  • Extensive experience at handling market research projects
  • Worked for 4 years as management research consultant in a manufacturing enterprise
  • Assisted and guided the market research development projects
  • Held research analyst position for the period of 2 years
  • Well acquainted with advanced research techniques and methodologies
  • Good management and organization skills to accomplish the research projects successfully


  • Strong research abilities to analyze and develop useful scientific applications and programs to provide efficient services
  • Good supervising and monitoring skills with updated market understanding
  • Logical and comprehensive thinking abilities to integrate researched data
  • Good mathematical and analytical skills to interpret researched data
  • Strong interpersonal skills and abilities to collect data

Technical skills:

  • Handled Microsoft Office functions management
  • Expert at managing Microsoft Excel functions and data interpretation
  • Familiar with 3D designing functions
  • Proficiently handled database management (DBMS) functions and report preparation


  • Bachelor's in 'Project Management' from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2000
  • Master's in 'Business Administration' with majors in Marketing Management
  • Ph. D. in carrying out management analysis and research in sales and marketing
  • Completed 'An Advanced Research Analysis and Developments Management' Diploma course
  • Attended a training program on 'Consumer merchandising and retailing management tools and techniques'

Professional experience:

GHER Market Research Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Santa Ana, CA
Designation: Research Consultant
2010-till date
Role and responsibilities

  • Providing advisory assistance to determine sample size, target population, effective research tools and techniques
  • Administering and managing research development functions to ascertain the best possible results
  • Developing useful techniques and methodologies that will serve the market research objective and providing the customer satisfaction to establish good will in the market
  • Quantifying research objectives and findings to analyze the results and providing the management with effective decision making ground
  • Supervising and providing data collection and analysis support functions to preparation of research finding report

TEWJ Market Research Consulting Industries Pvt. Ltd. Manchester, NH
Designation: Research Consultant
Role and responsibilities

  • Provided budget estimation and control function to achieve the target research project
  • Managed a variety of research functions and activities to offer the management with the best results and collected the industry specific information
  • Provided the needed support to carry out data collection, analysis, interpretation, and arriving at the useful findings
  • Determined research project objectives and provided the useful support to gather industry specific requirements to administer effective marketing campaigns
  • Recorded researched data systematically and scientifically to analyze and process it to acquire useful information


  • Recognized as 'The Researcher of the Year 2010' for accomplishing an effective market research to determine the potential market opportunities

Mobility and Flexibility:

Quite mobile and flexible to work in a challenging working environment with flexible working hours.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Sung P. Bedford

In this way, a research consultant, being an expertise in the field, needs to offer useful guidance and directions to the clients to serve their fundamental research requirements. So, the applicant is required to offer his prior working experiences in the field and deal with some of his successful attempts or remarkable accomplishments in the field of research. These will assist the recruiter to judge his performance by taking into consideration relevant aspects of the work.

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