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Education Consultant Resume

Applying for a job is an important phenomenon in a person's life as a job helps one to earn money, which is required for living a healthy and prosperous life. An applicant applying for a job in a firm must therefore represent himself appropriately in front of the recruiter. A resume plays a key role in a job application and helps in representing the applicant in front of the employer. The employer will decide on the eligibility of the applicant and approve him for further rounds in the interview process by examining the resume. Applicants applying for the position of a Education Consultant must therefore first construct an appropriate Education Consultant resume that dictates their potential for providing their clients with the best recommendations in education and allied areas. For writing a resume you need to follow certain procedures and rules along with the application of your own sense of style and creativity, giving your resume the appeal it requires. Below mentioned are some important rules you need to follow.

Guidelines for writing an Education Consultant Resume

  • Format: A resume requires a proper format with the help of which you will be able to represent yourself properly in front of the recruiter. You can organize all your facts and figures properly and systematically in the resume with the help of a format. There are several format styles available and you can select one for writing your own.

  • Tone and language: While writing your resume make sure that you use proper language. As you resume is written for an official purpose is must possess a formal tone. The text you use in writing your resume must be easy to read and interpret.

  • Content: For making sure that the recruiter is glued to your resume when he reads it, provide relevant information in your resume that is beneficial for the position. Talk about your skills, and highlight your knowledge and expertise in the field. Also mention your professional experience and write about you academic pursuits as well. Write in detail and use bulleted points to simplify large amount of information.

  • Length: The length of your resume must be kept appropriate. It should not be too long as the recruiter will lose interest in reading it. Use bulleted points and avoid writing long paragraphs and sentences.

  • Proof reading: A resume with spelling mistakes and typo errors reflects applicant's bad communication skills and puts a question mark on the job application. So make sure you proof read your resume and correct all typo errors and grammatical mistakes, if any, before sending it to the recruiter.

Sample Education Consultant Resume

David Feely
1379 Tree Frog Lane
Independence, MO 64055
948 9322023

Career Objective: Looking forward to work in a reputed organization where I can use my skills and knowledge in the field to assist students and their parents with their issues and concerns associated with education.

Career Profile: With a professional career of 6 years in the field of education consulting, I possess excellent communication and work management skills. I had the opportunity to work with 2 major educational institutions where I have contributed in the progressive growth of the organizations and gained productive work experience.

Summary of Skills:

  • Professional experience of 6 years in the field.
  • Possess good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to design and implement new education policies and programs.
  • Expertise in communicating with parents, discussing their issues, and recommending better solutions.
  • Ability to explain teaching programs and methods associated in teaching.
  • Good interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Expertise in developing new curricula and syllabus for students.
  • Examining students and recommending the best solutions and alternatives.
  • Good analytical knowledge with high strength in organizational and administration management.

Professional Experience:

Firm: Saint Xavier's School of Arts Science and Commerce
Duration: May 2009 to present
Designation: Education Consultant

  • Primarily assigned to talk with parents and discussing issues related to their child's education.
  • Conducted parent teacher meeting and provided with better suggestions and recommendations.
  • Analyzed child's potential and recommended better education curriculum to each child.
  • Supervising and monitoring administrative procedures and management.

Firm: Margarette's College of Arts
Duration: April 2006 to May 2009
Designation: Education Consultant

  • Making discussion with parents over their children's progress in education and provided recommendations and suggestions in areas that require improvement.
  • Making parents aware of the various programs and facilities provided by the institution.
  • Active participation in the planning and execution of various administrative policies.
  • Handled various other administrative responsibilities as well.


  • Completed Bachelor's in Arts form California University in 2005.
  • Completed schooling as a full timer from San Francisco International High School.

Enclosure: Resume, Appreciation letter.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

By following the above mentioned tips and sample you will be able to write a proper education consultant resume that will surely assist you in achieving success in your job application process.

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