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MIS Manager Resume

The MIS (Management Information System) manager resume is written by an applicant who has a backing of strong experience in the computer technology field and is competent enough to lead teams of people dedicated towards the smoothening of computer and other IT communication processes. The work of an MIS manager revolves around all the factors related to computer systems, network operations, hardware, software, and upgrades of the IT infrastructure within a company. He along with his team maintains the entire information flow across all the computer systems via the office IT network or server. To facilitate this function, he and his team look into the software development and testing procedures at various stages apart from network maintenance, visors definition updates, data storage and management, and overall information security.

In terms of education, an MIS manager needs to be a bachelor or master of computer science and hold a master's degree in MBA. The MBA degree is required because this post is of the management nature and belongs to the senior level employment category.

Following are some tips can prove to be useful while writing any kind of resume.

Categorize the information - Suitably categorizing the information under separate headings will make your resume easier to go through. This way the recruiter can simply find the exact information that he is looking for; for instance, while looking for the applicant's skills, he can simply go to the 'skill summary' section and find all the required details.

Follow a definite format - There are different formats for writing a resume. Based on your requirements and type of professional experience, you can choose from options such as chronological, functional, combination, and targeted resume. Each one of these formats has its own importance. Know that they differ in terms of structure and pattern.

Proofread after writing - Always proofread your resume after writing it. This removes any possibility of the occurrence of any kind of mistake whether typographical or factual in your resume.

Following is an MIS manager resume sample for your reference.

Martin Crudup
21 Emerald Rd
Bellmore, NY 11710
(516) 712-0932


To work at the senior level post of MIS manager and complement the responsibilities with my rich array of experience and skills, thus bringing in greater efficiency to the entire information flow and setting a new benchmark for the quality of infrastructure.

Profile Summary:

  • Winner of the 'Employee of the Month' award at Abacus Systems
  • Excellent experience of 7 years in the IT industry
  • Up-to-date with all the latest networking software and system testing tools
  • Extensive knowledge of various computer hardware and software
  • Worked on different operating systems such as Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows

Key Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills in English, both in written and verbal terms
  • Good management skills such as team building, team management, etc. and efficient interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of system hardware, software support, networking solutions, and maintenance issues
  • Good knowledge of C and C++ along with HTML and XHTML
  • Efficient skills in debugging the errors in scripting languages

Work Summary:

GHS Technologies, New York
MIS Manager

  • Headed the IT department of the company and helped in smoothening the information flow with the help of various system upgrades
  • Conducted regular monitoring of network operations and maintenance of the main office server
  • Performed the debugging of the office system software, if need be
  • Reported to the management in case of serious systems breakdowns for new installations and replacements
  • Trained new IT trainees and introduced them to the company systems and software
  • Coordinated the entire office information flow and ensured a smooth flow of information all around

Abacus Systems, Utah
Systems Technician
(January 2006- December 2010)

  • Attended to various computer related problems in the office
  • Managed the installation and upgradation processes in the office
  • Trained the employees in the usage of new operating systems or software and also performed troubleshooting
  • Worked on the debugging of system applications
  • Worked in close coordination with the IT department manager of the office

Educational Qualifications:

  • Diploma in C and HTML Languages, MNM Computer Institute, CA, 2006
  • Master of Business Administration, University of California, CA, 2005
  • Bachelor of Computer Administration, University of California, CA, 2003
  • High School, St. Peter High School, UT, 2000


Awarded the 'Employee of the Month' award at Abacus Systems for maintaining a good performance record in systems management.


John Fedger
Abacus Systems,
Contact: (231)-523-0932
Email Id:

This is how you write an MIS manager resume. Learn the tips and guidelines portrayed here and prepare yourself to come up with a result oriented resume.

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