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Telecommunication Specialist Resume

The job of a telecommunication specialist requires him to work closely with telephones and computer systems. Doing so requires skills and knowledge which are achieved by completing a bachelor's degree in engineering or some equivalent diploma in the same field. The professionals play a vital role in any organization, as communication is the main part of their work flow.

Telecommunication specialists are required to design custom data communication systems, oversee voice and video transmissions, troubleshoot problems, if any, provide supervision for the telecommunication installation process, provide backup for the computer support relating to telecommunications, etc. They also perform various other system related activities and conduct periodic checks throughout the system to ensure optimum performance and that their communication lines aren't breached by hackers.

Telecommunications is a rapidly changing industry and one has to keep himself up to date with the latest technological changes and the techniques being used. The level of competition is also considerably high, so one has to make sure that his resume is well written in order to grab as much attention as possible.

Below is a telecommunication specialist resume sample.

Paul A. Haas
2830 Hall Place
Merit, TX 75072
Phone: 903-776-5509

Career Objective:

To work with an organization as a Telecommunication Specialist, using my technical skills to the best of my ability for the benefit of the organization and for achieving professional growth.

Professional Summary:

3 years of field experience as a Telecommunication Specialist.

Key Skills:

  • Good knowledge of the technical aspect of the telecommunication media
  • Knowledge of the current market trends and the technologies being used
  • Good communication and leadership skills
  • Works well as a part of a group
  • Proficient with computer operations and telecommunication design
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Motivational skills for team building
  • Time management skills

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunication): OPC College, Houston, TX (April, 2008 - April, 2011)
  • High School: ATB High School, Fort Worth, TX (March, 2008)

Professional Experience:

Telecommunications Specialist: ABT Emerson and Corp., TX
(April, 2013 till date)


  • Supervising a team of 25 telecommunication engineers
  • Overseeing the installation of the telecommunication systems
  • Providing support and backup to solve the telecommunication related queries and problems
  • Ensuring the maintenance of the computer systems and other technologies used for telecommunication purposes
  • Troubleshooting and replacing damaged components found during the inspections done on a periodic basis
  • Providing advice for buying systems and designing system architecture
  • Managing large projects for installation or updating of new equipment
  • Planning and coordinating the duties of telecommunications engineers according to the day and night schedule
  • Creating the daily and weekly reports for performance analysis of the systems and working personnel
  • Maintaining the attendance record and submitting a detailed report on a monthly basis to the higher management
  • Providing training to new engineers with the daily work flow and introducing them to the current systems being used

Telecommunciations Specialist (Trainee): VTW-Tech Pvt. Ltd., TX
(May, 2011 to March, 2013)


  • Providing assistance for handling a team of 10 telecommunication engineers
  • Performing market research for finding the latest technologies being used in the telecommunication business
  • Providing specific technical solutions as per the client requirements and specifications
  • Organizing voice and video calls internationally and making conferences
  • Resolving any telecommunication related issues
  • Performing the installation and supervision of the telecommunication systems in the new infrastructure built by the organization
  • Creating daily, weekly, and monthly reports for analytical purposes of the higher management
  • Conducting workshops on the latest technological changes made in the market for the telecommunication industry
  • Creating several database communication programs and applications
  • Making sure that a proper communication is maintained between all the departments


  • "Best Telecommunication Specialist Award" - Awarded by the senior manager for exceptional performance in the month of August, 2013
  • "Best Telecommunication Specialist Trainee Award" - Awarded by the training supervisor for excellent performance during the training period


Name: Earl L. Walker
Designation: Senior Manager
Organization: ABT Emerson and Corp. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 5151 Edloe St., Houston, TX
Phone: 315-691-5280

Name: Marie W. Koehler
Designation: Training Supervisor
Organization: VTW-Tech Pvt. Ltd., 6550 First Park Ten Blvd., San Antonio, TX
Phone: 304-318-3440

There is an ever increasing demand for telecommunication specialists in the market currently. The above telecommunication specialist resume example shows how to write a good resume which would help one to get the most out of this opportunity. Changes to the above example can be made as per the requirement.

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