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Radio Broadcasting Music Director Resume

Radio broadcast centers communicate to the masses through the help of broadcast programs, but these can sometimes get monotonous and make the content sound very boring. This is where the radio broadcasting music directors come into place, where they write music for radio stations to make their content sound more interesting and bring a nice feel to the entire show being broadcast.

They must be well versed with writing sheet music and have learned the same from a reputed college or university. They should be adept at composing and directing music as per the radio station demands and be creative enough to provide new content every time. The music being played on the radio station during the programs along with the main title theme make up for the image of the entire radio broadcasting station. Hence, this position is of high responsibility. One must make sure that he carefully listens to what exactly the higher management of the radio station wants and analyze and deliver as required. One should also be well versed with the working of the studio.

The candidate must have completed at least a bachelor's degree in a relevant subject from a reputed college and have at least 3 years of work experience to be eligible for this position. A master's degree would help to increase the overall value of the resume and may result into the situation where the organizations will ask for lesser amount of experience.

Below is a radio broadcasting music director resume sample.

Joseph B. Drake
4851 Walkers Ridge Way
Boston, MA 90248
Phone: 626-991-5884

Career Objective:

To work in a popular radio station as a Radio Broadcasting Music Director for making music, utilizing my skills and knowledge gained over years for the benefit of the organization and to achieve professional growth.

Professional Summary:

3 years of field experience as a Radio Broadcasting Music Director.

Key Skills:

  • Excellent music composition and writing skills
  • Proficient with keyboards, electric guitars, and percussion
  • Vast knowledge of musical styles and instruments used in professional music recording studios
  • Quick problem solving skills and ability to provide new and creative ideas
  • Good communication skills
  • Works well in a team and can lead one too
  • Proficient with computer operations, MS Office, Fruity Loops, Music Rack, etc.
  • Good leadership skills
  • Excellent time management skills

Educational Qualification:

  • Master's Degree in Music Direction: Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, (April, 2009 - April, 2011)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Music Direction: Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, (April, 2006 - April, 2009)
  • High School: Saint Peter's School, Boston, MA (March, 2006)

Professional Experience:

Radio Broadcasting Music Director: 90.5 Prime TTT FM Radio Station, Boston, MA
(April, 2013 till date)


  • Supervising the activities of the radio station
  • Composing new music for commercials, jingles, and in-betweens
  • Making sure that the sheets have been transferred properly to the music department and that the notes are properly understood by the musicians
  • Performing periodic checks of the musical instruments and technical systems used with a view to ensure optimum performance and sending out the instruments due for maintenance
  • Performing the editing of sound clips and mixing them together as per requirement
  • Coordinating with the musicians and mixing department to create new content to be broadcast
  • Sending over the audio samples to the seniors for validation
  • Creating theme songs for the radio station in various styles, using state-of-the-art musical instruments and computer systems
  • Supervising the broadcasting department, ensuring that the music released is in accordance with the planned content and scripting done by the
  • higher management
  • Creating daily reports and sending them to the higher management for analysis
  • Hiring new musician staff
  • Training new laborers with the daily work flow

Radio Broadcasting Music Director: 98.5 Fire FM Radio Station, Boston, MA
(May, 2011 to March, 2013)


  • Composing new jingles and short songs as per client requirement
  • Conducting market research for finding the latest technologies being used and new instruments to be ordered
  • Supervising the maintenance of the recording studio equipment and advising on new equipment to be added
  • Working on getting appropriate rights for broadcasting patented music from the respective parties
  • Working closely with the musicians for the creation of new in-between music, theme music, and short songs
  • Overseeing the recruitment process and conducting the final round of interview for hiring new musicians and staff members
  • Providing monthly feedback on the performance of the musicians
  • Coordinating with the contractual musicians and the ones hired on a freelance basis
  • Conducting workshops on new musical techniques
  • Ensuring that a proper communication is maintained between all the departments in the radio station


  • "Best Radio Broadcasting Music Director" - Awarded by the senior manager for the month of August, 2013 for exceptional performance
  • "Best Jingle" - Awarded at the United States Radio Awards


Name: Allen R. Lentz
Designation: Senior Manager
Organization: 90.5 Prime TTT FM Radio Station, 136 Harrison Ave.,Boston, MA
Phone: 773-237-6927

Name: Robert A. Rogers
Designation: Senior Manager
Organization: 98.5 Fire FM Radio Station, 400 Fenway, Boston, MA
Phone: 716-712-3733

The above radio broadcasting music director resume example shows how a good resume should be drafted. Necessary changes can be made depending on the experience and other specifications of the candidate.

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