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Editorial Director Resume

An editorial director resume is written by a person applying for the senior most post in a publishing house (this post is applicable especially in a book, journal, or magazine publishing house; in a newspaper agency, it is called as editor-in-chief). An editorial director is a person who has to manage all the editorial processes and developments within a publishing house with the editors-in-chief, editors, and sub-editors, all working under his supervision. He is the senior most authority who authorizes what goes into print and what doesn't. He has to function as the think tank of the publishing house and be a strict follower of the vision and mission of the house.

The duties of an editorial director include:

  • Approving projects and articles to be carried out by the publication
  • Undertaking research and development activities for a diverse nature of articles that the publication is going to include in its magazines or journals
  • Supervising all the departments and taking reports from the departmental heads of all the sections
  • Strategically thinking about new launches and progresses of the company and monitoring the progress in sales
  • Managing all the editorial questions and doubts, thus directing the operations in the right direction
  • Conducting regular staff meetings to gauge the development and other problems regarding publication, marketing, and sales
  • Ensuring that all the standards are in place and all the directions are followed

These are some of the main responsibilities that an editorial director has to handle. Furthermore, in terms of education, he has to at least be a journalism graduate. A master's degree in any of the related subjects is a must for this high-level professional post.

This job is highly taxing, both in terms of time and effort, as the professional has to head all the departments and has the final say in all their decisions in terms of operations, sales, distributions, business deals, ads, marketing, and what not.

Jordan Chase
21 Haniken St.
Bowling Green, KY 42104
(270) 232-0343

Objective Statement:

To secure the post of editorial director in a leading publication house and use my rich experience in carrying out my duties in the best possible manner.

Profile Summary:

  • Eight years of experience in editing journals on corporate and technological topics
  • Excellent experience in product development and strategic planning
  • Initiative to undertake research and development for coming up with opportunities for high-quality written materials
  • Found and developed new markets for the experimental journal on existentialism while working with THX Publications, CA

Skill Set:

  • Skillful editing of corporate journals and meeting targets with the required standards
  • Ability to train new trainees
  • Excellent in integrating the client briefs with the publisher's creative methods, thus producing technically sound journals and other online print materials
  • Knack for exercising efficient communication at both verbal and written level
  • Good background of journalism as an editor-in-chief, adding to my editing prowess

Work Experience:

WHD Publications
Editorial Director
(2012 till Present)

  • Saw into the weekly publication process of the company's technical review magazine
  • Ensured that the editor-in-chief and his team of editors and sub-editors are putting in the articles on time
  • Developed strategic marketing plans for extending the reach of the magazine
  • Conducted meetings with the staff members and ensured that the entire process moves smoothly
  • Supervised and monitored the development of the concept till the printing of articles

TOE News

  • Led a team of 6 reporters and 1 editor
  • Ensured that all the articles are posted on time
  • Closely monitored the editing of certain very important articles
  • Conducted weekly meetings with the heads of all the departments and sought reports on all the latest developments and issues resolved

THX Publications

  • Developed in close coordination with the editorial director new marketing strategies in order to launch the experimental journal on existentialism for the niche audience
  • Managed a team of 4 reporters working as subordinates in the business news department


  • Master of Journalism Studies and Practices, University of Colorado, CO, 2006
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Colorado, CO, 2004


(Fill this section accordingly with the relevant professional achievements of your career till date.)

This is how an editorial director resume is written and complied. Following a fixed structure with a smooth flow is necessary, as this will provide more clarity to what you are trying to say. Dividing information into separate sections, as it has been done here, is very important as this will enable a fast and easy read for the recruiter.

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