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Technology Transactions Attorney Resume

A technology transactions attorney resume is written by a person with suitable experience and knowledge of the field of law concerning software and hardware technology rights.

With everyday advancement in the type and level of technology world over, it has become an important job to safeguard the rights and ownerships concerning those technology types. There are many many companies operating on and dealing in large scale technologies on an international level. They deal in technology transfers, software registrations, hardware licensing and related intellectual property rights involved in these kind of cases. For them to do these things smoothly and without any hiccups, they need such lawyers who are specialized in the field of technology transactions and technical strategies necessary for the smooth functioning of the entire process. His job involves negotiating on terms, reviewing the agreements and drafting the agreements for a wide scope of technology deals.

While writing a resume to apply for a post in any field, there are certain rules that need to be necessarily followed in order to get a good resume written that could get you a job by suitably impressing the reader. These rules/ tips are as follows.

  • Keep it straight and simple - Whenever writing such a resume, always remember that the reader tis only concerned with your quality and range of experience and good communication skills. What you write or say should be easily understood by the other party- this means that you should not be using tough, rich in diction English vocabulary.

  • Keep it short - The reader is not going to read an entire lengthy resume from top to bottom, which has very little concerning informations and more of other things that he is not interested in. it will be short only if you stop delving in unrelated info and be specific to the information that is concerned with the job you are applying to now.

  • Use separate section headings - Separate headings for different sections are necessary. It is important that you divide your resume into different sections as per the nature of information like work experience, education, skills and achievements. These headings will help the reader find the exact info that he is looking for in your resume.

  • Check the accuracy of details - when you are writing the names of companies and their contact details, where you have worked before, always make sure that they are accurate, as phone numbers may change. Same is to be done while mentioning any person and his post in the resume.

Following is a technology transactions attorney resume sample that will help you understand the structure and flow of it.

Technology Transactions Attorney Sample

Damien Price
6th Ron St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-9002


To work dedicatedly for my clients and help them in cases related to technology transactions.

Profile Summary

  • 5 years of good experience in protecting the rights of my clients in matters relating to technology transactions.
  • Complete knowledge of various patent laws, licensing rules and other related laws.
  • Specialize in making technology agreements on behalf of my clients.
  • Worked for many a reputed companies as my clients, like XYZ and ABC.
  • Up to date knowledge of the state's intellectual property concerning laws.
  • Licensed lawyer with a Master's degree in Law in the filed of technology transactions.

Skills Summary

  • Good knowledge of all the California state's regulations and laws regrading technology transactions laws.
  • Good at going the logical way for solving and making good a problem and facilitate my clients with legal solutions.
  • Excellent managerial skills for smoothly managing cases and details regarding it.
  • Strong skills in communication- both written and verbal English.
  • Excellent oratory skills practiced in the court of law to make my points clearer and more convincing.
  • Best research and evaluation capabilities for building up of a stronger case.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills facilitating ease of work with various kind of people.
  • Persuasive and good negotiator.

Work Experience

ABC and Group- Legal Consultants
Attorney (2009-Present)

  • Represented my clients in many cases of software and hardware license transfer and/ registration.
  • Worked with my subordinates to win cases in favor of clients.
  • Carrying out negotiation processes with the supplier/ buyer parties over the cost and agreement involved in technology transaction process.
  • Keeping the clients in loop of every case related development.

XVC & Co. Legal Consultants
Legal Advisor (2007-2009)

  • Legal advisor to clients in the matters involving payments and agreements making for technology registrations.
  • Providing case-related advice to the clients.


  • Passed the California State Bar Exam in 2007.
  • Obtained a degree of Juris Doctor in Intellectual Property Law from the California school of Law, 2006.
  • Graduation in Bachelor of Arts, University of New York, 2004.


Fill out this section with important career related achievements.

This is how you write a technology transactions attorney resume.

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