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Insurance Defense Attorney Resume

An insurance defense attorney resume is written by a person with good experience and proper knowledge of the field of insurance laws, regulations and amendments. He may be working with the insurance company or for the individual's claiming insurance but caught in an argument with the insurance company.

An insurance attorney, if working for the insurance company, has the job to take care of the company's legal issues concerning various legal claims by individuals which the company has rejected on company policy basis. He has to be up to date with the constitution governing the insurance laws, decisions and regulations concerning the company's business and make sure that the work goes on smoothly without encountering any serious roadblocks to the growth of the company by. He is the person who takes care of making of the insurance contracts for individual parties, making the terms of contract clear to the parties, instructing the company on the handling of issues pertaining to claims and redressals, etc.

While writing a legal attorney resume, one needs to be careful about the kind of format and the cases to be stated in it. These cases stated under the work experience section should be the most important cases of your career, so as to impress the recruiter. There are some rules to writing the resume which are as follows:

  • Use simple language - While writing a resume the stress needs to be on the quality of information being given there, while maintaining a simple choice of vocabulary. Although, industry-related technical terms could be used, the resume otherwise should comprise of simple language throughout as the reader won't like to sit with a dictionary while reading your resume.

  • Write a crisp and to the point resume - It's important to include only the relevant information. This is to be done by writing a crisp and to the point resume. Only keep the most important information and relevant information in it and leave out the irrelevant things out. The reader would like a short and strong resume rather than a long, lethargic resume.

  • Use unique and relevant section headings - it is important to divide the entire resume into different sections as per the kind of information being put there. You can have sections like objective statement, work experience, educational qualifications, skills, etc. It helps in providing clarity to your resume as the recruiter can easily find his way to the required information in the resume by just referring to these headings.

Following is an insurance defense attorney resume sample that will help you understand the structure and flow of it.

Ron Kennedy
6th Hinkley St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-9045


To work hard towards managing my responsibilities towards the client company and through my extensive knowledge of the insurance law, help the company grow and prosper.

Profile Summary

  • 4 years of rich experience amounting to good exposure to various regulations, laws and exceptions in the insurance law of the state of Iowa.
  • Hold my own independent office.
  • Complete knowledge of various laws pertaining to insurance, insurance coverage disputes and litigations.
  • Worked on several important cases like those of Will Ham Insurance Vs. The State and Global Insurance & Co. Vs. Jensen Harbinger.
  • Specialized in preparing insurance agreements and covering all discrepancies.
  • Licensed lawyer with a Master's degree in Insurance Law from the state of Iowa.

Skills Summary

  • Good knowledge of Insurance Law and the relevant statues, regulations and ordinances that come under it according to the law of the state.
  • Good research and analyzing skills for studying the problem in and out.
  • Good at judging the probabilities associated to the case, based on similar preceding legal instances.
  • Strong communication skills to facilitate my job as a legal advisor to the company.
  • Strong skills of persuasion and initiative taking capabilities.
  • Great interpersonal skills which help in managing people, be it the prosecution or the colleagues.
  • Ability to perform under high work pressure.
  • Excellent negotiation skills.

Work Experience

  • Will Ham Insurance Vs. The State, 2011-2012

    Concerning the state suing the company over improper terms of agreement. Won the case for the company.

  • Graham Gates Insurance Vs. Collin Lincoln, 2011

    Insurance company defense against claims of malpractice and forfieting terms and conditions.

  • Altmoore Hospital Vs. The State, 2010-2011

    Case of non-abidance to the insurance agreement claims

  • National Insurance Corporation Vs. The Hemsworth Hospital, 2009-2010 (Assistant Insurance Attorney)
  • XYZ Corporation Vs. the employees of XYZ Corporation, 2008-2009 (Assistant Insurance Attorney)


  • Completed the Iowa State Bar Exam in 2007.
  • Recipient of Juris Doctor in Corporate Law from the University of Iowa, 2006.
  • Graduation in Bachelor of Business Administration, Iowa Business School, 2004.


Fill out this section with relevant professional achievements of yours.

This is how you write an insurance defense attorney resume.

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