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House Counsel Managing Attorney Resume

A house counsel managing attorney resume is written by a person with suitable experience and excellent knowledge of the field of corporate law and structure.

An in-house counsel attorney is a person who is a part of a company's staff and so is on the payroll of that company which pays him/ her to deal with its day to day legal matters of concern. His job is to take care of all the legal issues concerning the company and advance the smooth growth of the company by protecting it from various legal road blocks.

There are, in corporate law structure, two levels of such posts- the senior in-house counsel attorney and the staff legal attorney. The former includes such positions as the General Counsel (GC), who leads the legal department in its workings.

He basically advises the company's management on all the important legal procedures and makes sure that all the legal formalities are in place. He works in close quarters with the company's CEO and is one of the most important employee of the company. He supervise the other legal staff under him. This supporting staff handles, under his leadership, all the legal matters and litigations made by or against the company by the third party.

The other level of legal staff (the junior staff) is known as the staff legal attorney whose job is to research over matters and provide all the case details to the senior staff. They generally do not handle the cases themselves but only supplies their seniors with the case data. This level of job is occupied by law freshers who don't have enough experience to represent a company's case directly in the court of law.

While writing this kind of resume to apply for a post in this legal field, there are certain rules that need to be bore in mind by the writers. These are as follows:

  • Keep simplicity intact - when writing a resume, always keep this in mind that the reader is not going to award you nay bonus points for the complexity of the language used in the resume. You should use simple words in English diction- the ones that are easily understood by anyone.

  • Make it short - There is no point in writing a lengthy and heavy resume that runs on for ever and ever. A reader will always prefer a short and crisp resume with the relevant details.

  • Divide it into sections - There should be separate sections in your resume for carrying different details as to work experience, education, etc.

Following is a house counsel managing attorney resume sample that will help you understand the structure and flow of it.

House Counsel Managing Attorney Resume Sample

Roy Trunk
6th Ron St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-9005


To work dedicatedly towards fulfilling my responsibilities and make sure that all the legal procedures and formalities are taken care of for the company by me in as professional and efficient manner as possible.

Profile Summary

  • 5 years of serving experience in dealing with corporate laws pertaining to acquisitions, mergers, litigations and more.
  • Complete knowledge of various corporate laws related to company law, insurance policies, asset and liabilities, etc.
  • Specialize in supervising and evaluating legal proceedings.
  • Worked for some well-reputed companies such as XYZ Industries and ABC Corp.
  • Licensed lawyer with a Master's degree in Law in the filed of corporate law.

Skills Summary

  • Good knowledge of Corporate Law and the many regulations and amendments concerning it in the state of California.
  • Good at reporting and researching on various cases of high priority levels.
  • Outstanding managerial skills to manager the junior in-house counsel staff and monitor their progress on the case at hand.
  • Strong communication skills and excellent orator at my job.
  • Strong skills to persuade the management for the right moves concerning the cases and guiding them through all the legal procedures.
  • Great interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse set of people.
  • Good at performing even under high pressure situations.
  • Excellent negotiating skills for befitting outcomes.

Work Experience

XYZ Industries
General Counsel (2009-Present)

  • Represented my company in the court of law in cases regarding legal corporate disputes.
  • Worked on deportations and acquisitions and mergers by making suitable agreements and other documents.
  • Negotiated with the other parties on behalf of the company.

ABC Corp.
In-House Counsel Attorney (2007-2009)

  • carrying out case-related research for obtaining the desired data and reporting the same to the General Counsel.
  • Providing all the back-end support to the higher legal staff at the company.


  • Completed the California State Bar Exam in 2007.
  • Recipient of Juris Doctor in Corporate Law from the California school of Law, 2006.
  • Graduation in Bachelor of Business Administration, University of California, 2004.


Fill out this section with relevant professional achievements of yours.

This is how you write a house counsel managing attorney resume.

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