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Government Relations Attorney Resume

A government relations attorney resume is written by a lawyer who renders his/ her services to a company while handling all of their legal work that requires permissions and grants from the various government offices of the city or the state. They represent the company in the local government offices and prepare all the legal paperwork that is to go in the process. This is a sample given here to teach you how to write a government relations attorney resume nicely. In short, a government relations attorney must be specialized in all the laws pertaining to corporate law and structure. This knowledge will help him deal with the government and local municipal departments in a better manner. He needs to have his practice license for sure in order to get this job. Following are some important tips that must be followed while drafting such a specialized resume.

  • Keep it to the point - Throughout the resume, you need to write only that info that is relevant to the nature of job being applied to. Here, it will be the work done by you in to represent your other client companies in the government offices. The points that you mention should be important and impressive enough to get the reader impressed too.

  • Keep it crisp - The way you structure your resume tells a lot about your personality. A no-nonsense guy will add only to-the-point content and will finish it off in brief, just long enough to make sense. This kind of resume is liked by the recruiters out there. So keep it tight and crisp in terms of the content.

  • Check for mistakes - Once you are done writing it, go back and again read it thoroughly in order to eliminate any mistakes in the body. This is very important in order to get a perfect, smooth resume for yourself.

Following is a government relations attorney resume sample that will help you understand the structure and flow of it.

Harry Appleby
13 Brown St.
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-0233


To offer my expertise to a leading company and act as their interface to the government offices, helping them in getting all the necessary approvals from government offices and ensuring the compliance of all the municipal regulations by the company.

Profile Summary

  • Six years of experience in the field of government relations while severing as attorney for various companies taking care of their legal business.
  • Worked for various renowned companies like Smith and Sons' and Warner and Co.
  • Managed getting permits for the large production plants and made sure about all the municipal compliances.
  • Prepared all the necessary documents for installation of new machines and belts.
  • Securing all the necessary permits for new infrastructure and transport facilities.

Skills Summary

  • Provide full litigation support to the clients.
  • 97% success rate in terms of my career till date
  • Expert researcher and litigator, in case of agreement breech or malpractice issues.
  • Good at maintaining relations with the municipal and other local government bodies.
  • Outstanding communication skills in verbal and written English.
  • Excellent persuasive skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills, which enable me to strike and keep good relations with various important personnels in the government office.
  • Good negotiator in terms of agreement terms and conditions.

Work Experience

Smith and Sons'
Government Relations Attorney (2008-Present)

  • Handled the work pertaining to licensing and other paperwork between the company and the local municipal bodies for the smooth functioning of the plant.
  • Assisted the clients in getting transport and infrastructural related permits and agreements.
  • Legal advisor on-board of the company to advise them on various legal issues.
  • Kept up-to-date with all the regulations and laws passed in relation to transport and manufacture related business.
  • Advised the company on various government provided provisions that could be useful for the company's investment and growth.

Warner and Co. Investment
Legal Counselor (2006-2008)

  • Legal advisor to the company on various legal procedures for the investment related operations.
  • Kept all the important details on all the latest government provisions and subsidiaries for such companies that are into investment banking.
  • Assisted the company with building good relations in the government offices for speedy completion of various formalities and permissions.


  • Appeared for and passed the New York State Bar Exam in the year 2005.
  • Got my Juris Doctorate in Finance and Market Law from the New Orleans College of Law, 2004.
  • Masters in Business Administration, New York University, 2002.


Fill this section with some major achievements of your career.

This is how you write a government relations attorney resume. You need to pay due attention to the above mentioned tips and the rest will be taken care of. All the best!

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