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Automotive Attorney Resume

An automotive attorney resume is written by a person of knowledge regarding the ways of dealing with the auto insurance companies, manufacturers and the third parties in accidents involving their own clients. Any accident involving automobiles, or otherwise, cause a great deal of physical and emotional trauma to the parties involved in it. However misfortune it be, it can happen to anyone and anytime in their lives. It's just a matter of chance, combined with a bit of negligence on the part of either parties. While it is best to avoid such situations where you are faced with grave situations involving threat to life and property, in case, an accident occurs, several parties come into play in the aftermath of such an undesirable event. These parties involve- the people involved in the accident, the police, hospitals and car insurance companies.

It is a bit difficult for an individual to deal with all these people and at the same time cope up with his/ her own personal mental and physical trauma. Moreover, however loudly shall the swine-like insurance companies say- 'we have your best interests in best', it is never an advisable discourse to believe in them. They will, at best, make all their efforts to deny your claims. It is therefore best advised to hire an automotive attorney who can, deal with all of these people and extract from them what is rightfully yours.

In terms of education, an automotive attorney will have to have an undergraduate degree in any field including automotive engineering, political science, English, etc. Having a mechanical engineering degree will make you sound and ready to carry out research work on damaged automobiles and handle such cases involving engineering neglect much easier. Apart from this, a Masters in Law degree is absolutely essential before you enter this field. For getting admission to any of those law schools, you need to give Law School Admission Test to qualify for the admission. This one is a national level entrance exam to many a law colleges accredited to it, making it a part of the necessary criteria for earning a law degree. On completing the course, the student gets the Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) degree. This is followed by a state bar exam for which he appears in order to earn his practice license- a necessary document for law practice.

Following is an automotive attorney resume sample that will help you understand the structure and flow of it.

Automotive Attorney Resume Sample

John Ferrier
6th Black St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-1716


To utilize my expertise in the field of automobile and health insurance and successfully represent my deserving clients in order to get them what is rightfully theirs.

Profile Summary

  • 7 years of rich and fruitful experience in the field of insurance grievance related legal cases involving accident victims.
  • An all-impressive success rate of 96%.
  • Worked on a number of cases involving neglect on the part of automobile company in terms of faulty/ unsafe design of their cars.
  • Worked on cases involving foul play on the part of accident and auto insurance companies.
  • Client- centric approach with all the initiatives directed towards client relief- ranging from briefing them about their rights, to trying and facilitating case settlement outside of court.

Skills Summary

  • Good knowledge of automobile insurance industry and all the laws related to it.
  • Always taking an analytical approach and simplifying the case for my client to win.
  • Heavy research and inquiry based approach, leading to the smallest of the details of the accident and the following conversations between the involved company and my clients.
  • Clear and effective communication skills, with flair for technical terms and jargons.
  • Logical ability to solve cases.
  • Good management skills required for training associate attorneys.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills for working with diverse set of clients and other involved parties.

Work Experience

Colon and Group - Legal Consultants
Automobile Insurance Attorney (2007-Present)

  • Represented many cases involving neglect and denial on the part of manufacturers and insurance policy providers.
  • Worked on the famous Ford case of 2007- the state versus Ford.
  • Legal advisor in the Calighan and Nelson Health Insurance case involving misinterpretation of terms and client impressment on their part.
  • Worked alongside other attorneys on large disputes involving corporate companies and their employees.
  • Managing the case related research work and gathering interviews from the parties involved with the case.
  • Collection and safe-keeping of all the case related documentation and maintaining the strictest code of confidentiality towards my work.
  • Always dedicated towards getting fair deals for my clients.

Armie Young Legal Consultants
Senior Legal Advisor (2004-2007)

  • Negotiating and getting the rightful deals for my clients.
  • Making all efforts to resolve the case out of court, thus saving a lot of time and money of my clients.
  • Worked towards making the auto industry realize the importance of safety measures in their designs, and making them pay for committing otherwise.
  • Strategically approaching all of the cases concerning all kinds of neglects and harassment by auto and insurance industries.


  • Juris Doctor Degree from New York Institute of Law, 2002


  • Occupy the prestigious position of the Judicial Advisor with the Board of the National Legal Services for Insurance Disputes.
  • Have an impressive 96% success rate from all of my cases till date.

This is how automotive attorney resume is written. It has to be objective in every sense of the word and should be full of your important work. This is the only way of impressing the reader who would definitely be wanting an extremely experienced and learned man in this position. Also, do proofread your resume at least twice after completing it. This will eliminate any kind of mistakes that may have occurred in the body of the resume. So this is the basic approach towards this kind of a resume. Keep the flow and the tips in mind and all the best.

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